Yarmouth , March 2008

The plan here was staightforward... Wee Bob would meet me at my gaff at 6am ish , we'd shoot down the A1 fast as possible, meeting up with MaDGe around Sleaford. Geoff had went down in Thursday's rain to break up the journey , and visit family.

The plan was working well... very well... only stopping once for mechanical reasons for Bob to tighten up his plug lead.

Other than that we cruised at 60/65mph , sometimes stretching for a 70mph 10 minute blast, sometimes a 2 or 3 minute 80 blast. Feckin sweet. BOB's P2 , and my TS1 that he'd built both lapping up the miles.

We stopped to fill up and I chased Geoff by txt to advise of our fast progress... and he told me he'd just had a close shave with a rear tyre deflation... but kept upright to save the day.

When we hit roadworks around Doncaster we easily filtered through the first few miles of traffic with ease... then the second batch came up...

... half way along I felt a twitch from the front end... the insticts came alert and said stop to check... but we were doing so well I put it down to a cats eye wobble... then I got a second... shook the steering to check while very slow but everything seemed ok.

"Fuck it!" I thought.... fickin idiot...

Within 3 seconds of opening up and hitting 4th I was down thrown off to the right as the Lammie gave way down on it's right side... the first milli-second was a flash of... "this is it" and when I seen my left arm get stretched passed my right hand side I knew it was bad.

I knew I had a few seconds grace before the first cars etc caught up with me so once I'd stopped rolling and flapping down the tarmac... I wiggled the toes and left fingers and grabbing my skin held left arm into my boddy, rolled across the 2 lanes onto the grass verge.

I was a plain fuckin idiot for not heeding the warnings, but as I sat there , I knew I'd got away with it.

The scoot was lying 30 feet down wind and looked no' bad so by the time the first folk came to help, I'd resigned to what had all happened.

Absolutely no doubt that my gear saved me from a lot worse, lesson there... I made a severely bad call on a safety issue and fucked up a weekend for some mates.

So what else can I say... bed bath from a bloke on Saturday... pish poor drugs and no bevvie !

Could have been worse though, onwards and upwards with a few experience points for future runs.

Might fill in more details later , but sore to type, etc etc

shattered left elbow

all sorry for masel

the new boinic look


HUGE thanx to Red for going well out of his way , collected and paid for the scoot from recovery... and even bought me a phone charger. What a guy !

My new Caberg , only used for local trips up to this weekend !

Blood filled inner right sleeve... eeeoouuuuwwww !