Whiskey Galore - Wigtown - August 2007

"There's Something About Skolar"

there's something about skolar
"We got a bleeder !!!!"

The Plan for Fridaywigtown 2007

The plan for Wigtown was set very early on... but changed several times up until the weekend itself.
Our band was booked to play on the Saturday night, but with Grieg being ill, we had to cancel, I was all set for being there on Friday on the GTS , with the rest of the guys in the van with gear arriving Saturday afternoon. Can't be helped , and all being well , Grieg will be all fired up for gigs soon , and entertaining us again with his guitar work.

So I arrange to pick up Skolar from his work in Edinburgh at 6pm (yeah I know , very late to leave for a 4 hour trip) , and Cat was going to come down on Saturday in the car , bringing my Ali with her, but that changed too , with Cat staying home.

So we head off along the Embra by-pass, taking the Kilmarnock road, turning off at Girvan and then spending what seemed like 2 days of twisting up-hill dirt track roads, me with the black visor up so I can see, getting kamikazed by all manner of flying beasties.
We get to the site at about 9:30 with a tiny bit of light in the sky to get the tent up, meet up with Davey who we've not seen since the first Cannonball in 2005, and while Skolar catches up with Snail, Scally & co, me 'n Davey go to the pub to get the first of many drinks.
There's already a fairly good crowd around the main do, with the usual throng of folk outside with the smokers, the usual chit chat & promise of web site help etc with Billy, Donald & Mark, while the medication starts to kick in (Zirtek for hayfever you understand) and time passes quicker.

In the flash of an eye, the do's closed and we all head off to the marquee for the late night/early morning jovelties. At about 2am I spot Carmen in what I assumed was a weird game of playing with Skolar's zip until I'm advised that Skolar has had a nasty zip/willy incident and had managed to pull his zip right the way up and through his eh... outer willy. OUCH ! As someone else said , it looked like jaws with lips :)
I've never seen Skolar so quiet (or white) as he sat on a table , legs apart while Carmen phoned 999 for an ambulance. Can you imagine how that call went ?
Worst of all - the first night in feckin for ages that I don't have a camera with me !!!
So Skolar is whisked off to Stranraer in the flashing blue lighted bus , and everyone else parties on. The crowd gets smaller & smaller until about 10 of us are left at about 5am with my mp3 player and wee speakers trying to keep us entertained - Gerry's attempt at hooking it up to the main speakers proving fruitless. At 6am - ish , it's just me Rab & Davey left, Davey drinking imaginary pints and Rab having come back from his kip as he was bored. I leave them to it and call it a night, just as Skolar phones to say he's back on site - after paying £35 for a taxi back - I wish him the very best night nights and crash out for a few hours.

niffy's gtsSaturday

I get woken up at about 10am with the sound of more scoots arriving and banter between waking groups, so I climb into a clean t-shirt and muster myself up, wandering aimlessly about for a while until I'm awake properly. Me Skolar & Davey heading into Newton Stewart to Viki wines for Bukie & beer, a couple of filled rolls & pies then back to the site - and fairly soon after - the pub where me 'n Davey plonk down for the rest of the day.
The usual fun , games & hi-jinks , electric shocks, stolen lemon squeezers, the eying up of better trophies (a nice canoe lying quite close by would be nice)... Riki from the Globies with the gash in his leg (& jeans obviously) after a smash with T-Bone (click here for details), but with Riki instantly cheered up on hearing about Skolar.

8pm ish, and it's time for the do across the road. A great crowd filled the place and it would have been a cracking gig for our band (maybe next year), we get a table beside the bar (quality) and share a laugh or ten.
Davey had a small accident , and shat his breaks after a scooter rally follow through, but apart from that, the night passed of fairly incident free... but it rained. It rained and rained and rained.
I remember heading back to the tent for my case of Miller and hitting every big bloody puddle on the way... each step sinking me about 6" into the cold mud. Ah well.
Back at the Marquee, and with every pocket I have packed with bottles of beer we all have a jolly good knees-up with Raff, Hailie & co keeping us going until the power was cut off at about 3am, then it was back on.... then it was off, then I passed out on a chair, only waking up when someone parked a car outside the marquee with lights on and horn tooting so folk can see - I think I'm on a scooter with a car heading right for me and wake up almost shiting myself in panic (not like Davey though - he really did). Bass.
I also found out that Mary (from Squire & Mary - Embra Blues) used to kinda work together when I was parts manager at Belmont Vauxhall - well there you go, small world.

wigtown campsiteSo off to bed at about 3:30 I think, Skolar lying star shaped over the whole tent, scooped up and moved over , into bag and comatose. Night night.

Get up about 10 and feel good. Skolar refusing to budge until "the agreed 12pm" so the tent is dismantled around him at 11am whether he's getting wet or not. I check with Scottie & Lorna for a better route , and with their map in my pocket we head off east instead and a faster way home (apart from my de-tour) into Dumfries.
Motorway soon though YIPEE for the GTS !

So all in all a cracking weekend. A great bunch of lads & lasses hosting and I even brough back my tent (and all the water & mud in it) unlike most other folk who seemed to have given up on theirs. Thing is , I'll probably through mines out as it's that much soaked through. Ali cannae get onto me about wasting another £20 though.

Thanks Lowlanders - see you all next year !

Davey & Skolar, Saturday morning.

You see... Andy DOES buy a round (sometimes)

Wee Bob didn't see the camper coming until it was way too late !

Squire and me ol' workmate Mary... so we found out.

Skolar refusaing to budge... and the Lowlanders wonder where to start with the clear up...

Soggy...very soggy.

There's a short video on YouTube as well... click here for that.


Thanks to Jules for these crackers...