Black Widdas 1st Do (inc Skolar & Scally's birthdays)

Saturday 19th April 2008

Ok , bear with me on this , as it might be short.

Not coz I can't be bothered , but I can't remember much. Being my first decent bevvy in 5 weeks , I was fairly wasted before our gang left my house in taxis for the Do, and that was only with Magners, no other chemicals involved !

In what we hope is a good omen for the season ahead, a small party of us had met at my hoos... Wee Bob, Anne & Liam, Snail & Carmen then Scally & Linda. We sat outside in brill sunshine having a good few pre-do drinkies. Mark G & Skolar popped by - but only for eh... a brief visit.

With typically good Scoot tunes being played , and decent set from the Skebabs, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. (only complaint from a few folk next day was that the sound was too loud in that function suite - maybe we're all getting too old , but it was hard to have a chat with mates not seen in a few months.)

Young Liam Chalmers added to his scalps of contender for youngest rally DJ with a shot at drumming, standing in for a short while for then Skebabs drummer... and he's learning bass !

The raffle had a definite cutting difference to it...with Skolar arranging prizes like... a 2004 road atlas, various old Scootering Mags from 1998 onwards, some dodgey old LP's (including 2 of the same Terrence Trent D'Arby), half used bottles of Coma oil... it was a raffle that for once I was happy not to win :)

I managed to meet up with some VERY old mates.. Norrie, Audrey & Crawford... even though I never recognised them at 1st... but it has been 20 years ! I sat down beside Shep with a pint , and asked hime to gimme a nod if he sees Norrie or Crawf as I might not catch them and he told me I'd just said hello to him... feck me ! I blame it on the drink thing... sorry guys :)

Me and Ali parked up with Billy, Jean & Mark from Dalkeith for most of the night... with me stottin' off to say hello to other mateys whenever my rubber legs would allow me.... including trying to prise an application offa Nige & Shep to join East Lothian...they were demanding 60p or £60... can't quite remember... maybe I get a free scoot ?

Must say though, for all I was pished Mark G should get the pize for pishest ... brill :)

Anyhooos...the night went loudly on until about 2am everyone getting it on good style, and then taxis , bus's etc started filtering peeps away.

We'd arranged to take quite a few folk back to our house for an allnighter, but once we told them the address , me and Ali skipped off to bed.. knackered and out of practise... we just let them get on with it... saying hello to the allnighters at 10am when I took the dog out... some crew - top class !

And me & Ali perfect hosts, you'd hardly think we were there :)

Only other thing, I forgot my camera, so pinched these pics offa other folk... thanks guys 'n gals.

(PS that wasn't that short afterall... Al Bundy may even use it in Buzz)