Turkeys Night Time Do
Sept 2008




A braw night out - check oot the pics-in-a-vid courtesy of those crazy cats at Peterheed.

The first of us met up in Turnent at the back of 5pm... and about 6 piss stops later we got across the forth road bridge - and got to the Gunner Club after 8pm.

There's only so much you can say about a night time do... and this one was no different... with great company and a good laugh all round.
The pics show me being presented with the "Pan Pipes of Peace" , an award given out annualy by Peterheid SC... but they were almost taken back off me later when ... in a discraceful turn of events... I lost the "room odouriser". Well when I say lost... it was like this...

"Niffy, where's the "room oudoriser?"
"I gave to.... eh.... (I then tried to remember, pointing across the room at where the rest of our crowd were sitting)... eh..."
"Not XXX's girl ?"
"Aye , that's whey."
"Shit , get them back quick!"
So I raced across to be met by XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX who looked on at me with sorry faces and apologised about dropping the "room odouriser" doon the toilet !

Ah well... the room smelled fine anyway :)

The do shut ( I though aufy early) at about the back of 12, and oor bus wasn't booked until the back o' one, so we were allowed to sit in the loungs and wait... they wouldn't serve us drink, but that was ok , as we'd won a bar ammount in the raffle, so we proceeded to tan the winnings of straight voddie & gin. until the bus came, and we partied all the way back over the Forth...

Bailed out at Wallyford instead of going home , and at about 7am , me 'n Chris called it a night.
2 hours later Ali's textin' me asking where I am... so I take a long (very long) drunken walk from Wallyford to Tranent to pick up the scoot fi Sheps and head hame... stopping in at East Fortune to say hello to Nige. All alone on his Magnificent Machines duty :)