Wild Turkey's
Parts Fair / Custom Show 15th September 2007

I only managed a few hours in the afternoon for this one... take your pick from a number of reasons / excuses.... burnt oot... skint... nae brownie points left... but matter not.

Took the GP out for it's first real run, taking a leisurely 65mph run from Dunbar to Kirkcaldy. Event free except for the tool box kept opening and I thought I'd lost my bag of sweeties ! But they were safely tucked in behind my big bag of spanners.

Got up quite early on, and got tore into a big plate of stovies to warm my hands up, and watch the other scoots turning up. By about 2pm there must have been about 40-50 scoots in the car park, with the best ones inside the Gunner Club as part of the custom show.

So a nice easy afternoon with no drink, just scooter chat with the usual folks. Then I'd made up my mind to head home, even though Paul & BJ tried to tempt me to stay with their wares from the 24hour flower shop, had a wee sniff before I left mind :)

A few of us left together , taking the very scenic coastal route. A mixture of Falkirk/Bonnybridge/Stirling & Glasgow scoots , with me waving goodbye at the turn off for the (very windy) Forth Road Bridge.

Not heard how the night time do went yet, Mark G hasn't reported in yet.

Still , a great wee run, and the Lammie was faultless ('cepting the self opening tool box - now fixed).

It should be noted , that the Turkeys should organise their do whenever Scotland are due to play a big football match, as last years do was the day that Scotland beat France at Hampden, and this years event saw our lads turn over the frogs in Paris !

Right , another week to chill... then it's the Gorehounds do... then the Blues do... then Brid. Jee whizzzzzzzzzzzzz :)