Wild Turkeys Jumble & Do'
October 7th 2006

Dunbar to Kirkcaldy is mo major drive, but seeing as me and my good lady could only make the do at night , and had planned on having a few drinks , digs were sorted out in advance - joining up with the Beer Pigs SC at a nearby hotel.

On the way into Kirkcaldy we had the Scotland v France footy on the radio and listened as France took Scotland apart 0-0 a right goal-less doing ! Didn't hear the 2nd half as we'd reached the hotel and needed a couple of pints of Stella - I'd assumed we'd got thrashed... what a pleseant surprise to hear THAT score :)

Anyhooos, we all pile in a taxi that the driver boasted could take 8 people, but Tara made sure it was ok for 7 of us to get in !?

We were one of the first bunches of folk to arrive , which was good as the bar area was very small - so I loaded up with some bevvie and planked down at the "Turkey's & Friends" table as Slug likes me... bless 'im.

The Gunner Club filled up fairly quickly - probably because every other clubs bus's arrived at the same time with the Embra Blues & Coyote's bringing big squads with them - Coyote's actually winning best attended.

By this time the bar queues were getting crazy... remember we're Scottish... first small gap I spot and I nik in and come back with around 10 Magners for me and the Mrs to share (well ok - she could maybe have 1), to be fair mind , the biddies on the bar coped well, and had a good crack with everyone.

There was a large function room next door with Bingo going on - it actually ressembled The Phoenix Club - I half expected Brian Potter to wheel past as I stared through the glass partitioned door :)

I've had a go at too much Northern music before , but to be honest here - the dance floor only really kicked off when the music mix was more NS based. Fair enough - I was on Magners gaurding duty anyway. Overall , the music was excellent as ever, and the large crowd enjoyed the night.

This do was one of the first colder season do's in Scotland - and with the no-smoking rule, it's going to be an interesting close-season. There were times when I looked up from Castle Magners and thought everyone had went home , only to find a bigger party outside , with all the smokers having a fag (or something) outside, then pile back inside again, will be interesting to see how things develop with colder , wetter weather , and do's with little or no outside covered smoking areas. Personally I don't smoke - but I can see the potential hassles for Scottish Clubs to take into account when organising do's.

Anyway Sarah came round selling the raffles, and I bought 5 strips (without any of the usual jokes) - I NEVER win any raffles , but I'd had a premonition this would be my time !
Just before the start of the draw , I'd popped to the John for a quick whizz... and then heard my name get mentioned over the PA , I dashed out of bog just in time to see Ali walk away with a pair of new Michelin tyres - first ticket out of the hat was ours ! Ya beauty.

There was a couple of good prixes up , including a CBT test and Rat Pack - made mostly up from some mat black paint and gaffa tape - this was won by young Chris who had just joined Skolar's Black Widdas SC. The tape didn't last long though, as seeing as it was his first scootering event , everyone taped him up with his own raffle prize.

After the raffle the dance floor was mobbed for most of the night, with Tara and Stan among the DJ's keeping folk entertained.
A good night then, and from the box's of bits and pieces lying on the stage for folk to collect, it looks like the parts jumble in the afternoon was a success also. Well done to The Turkey's... see you all at Brid.


Thanks to Rab fae the Ghosts (and Widdas) for the pics.

Have a quick swatch at this wee video from the night...
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