Gorehounds Rally
Stirling August 2008


Wur first jaunt out on 2 wheels since the operation 6 weeks ago, so took the GTS Poof-o-matic out.
Wi the shop being as busy as it is just now , could only get away from Dunbar at aboot 12pm. Rodders was in London , so it was just me leaving this wee toon masel... hooking up with Scottie at Musselburgh... with the rest of the Club already in the pub by the time I was leaving.

We blasted through in no time, and tent was up with a jiffy... attacked by some wasps so headed for the pub. Quick cuddle fi Skolar at the do' before I tackled the killer hill up the the boozer where everyone was camped up.

There was even a huge painting of Nige on the wall. He's a local legend !

So anyways (this report will be short) we sat in the pub all day... every hour threatening to go the the do until we actually got telt to heave ho out the pub.

We caught the last hour in the do and managed to doon a few nips & pints before that shut an all.

On the way down the hill back to the campsite, we entertained ourselves by phoning Skolar fi a phone box. He was none too chuffed as he was out called sleepin off aw kinds o stuff. That cost 50p an all.
Shep then tried to do a superman by changing his claithes in the phone box , but only got as far as ,... eh... well you had to be there.
We kinda agreed to do a campsite streak... and half way doon the road , the lad was half starkers already ! Class.

Back at the campsite, we hung aroond someones tent with my iPhone playing aw kinds o guid sounds and we chatted with all the usual reprobates until the rain came on at about 5am ish ?
Thank feck... it was all too much for ma weary body... Chris did his best to help... but too little too late. I nipped in wi Snail & Goody , before calling it a night masel.

Nae sleep at all.... the usual 7am scooters started then the rain started again... jeezo that was a rough journey home...hame for about 12:30 and in bed until 7pm. Up for a chinky then bed again.

You see... it's nae guid for you, all this nae sleep... drinkin (and stuff) just disnae help.


So never again.

Really , that's it , nae mair.


Well maybe next Saturday at the Beer Pigs :)


PS :Highlights that I missed...

Chris's detour through the road works.
Krawf's tent all puke.
Nige losing his tent on Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Minxxy pissed up on Friday.