Peterhead SC Rally , June 2008


It was a nice surprise to be able to get along to Peterhead for at least the Saturday... having broken my arm for a second time, and being told I'd be in for an operation at the start of June, so I'd been telling everyone I'd be off the road for all of June , which meant missing out on a weekend with my mates fom the Heeed.
Even worse was the way I was left to break up the band before playing at this rally - which I was really up for doing, but some people
have shite priorities.

But after Kelso the date for my op came through as June 30th. So all plans changed again. The guys 'n gals at Peterhead had shifted their site into Peterhead town (Buchanhaven Hearts FC 's ground - where they have their meets etc) and also changed the date to suit the clubs also. This meant a lot of folk not being able to go as Whitby was the weekend after.

Turns out me & Shep were up for the jaunt North , and Stu would join up later, likewise Ali in the car. So thon was the plan.Red fi Licolnshire popped into the shop on Friday on his way up - covering about 3000miles in the process (ish) some lad , but it won him furthest travelled - good on ya mucker !

We were taking the autos - as my arms still auffy knacked & sore , and it's a bit of a chore on those TS1 gears & clutch changing. I met Shep at Tranent about 6:30am on the Saturday , and we set off along the By-Pass, across the Forth Road Bridge , up to Perth , then Shep stuttered to a halt after the long bridge at Perth, his suspicions/hopes of a loose plug cap correct - but we had no real way of fixing it. We then spent the next hour getting about a mile along the road before it fell off again.

I dug out a roll of masking tape , and we basically taped the cap to the plug... sound. We even popped into Dundee's Halfords to get a new cap... waste of time , useless fickin shop.
Anyways , this bodge got us all the way to Peterhead for about 12:30 - and Ali pulled in not long into our 2nd pint. Tents up , traveling
gear off and Stu arrived on his Lammie just in time for lunch.

A load of the Animals turned up , including Les with his arm in stookie ! I hadn't heard he'd shattered his wrist/arm just before Kelso... add to that Martin Penny going about with his arm and a sling... haud on... are yous bams after my sympathy ??? I'll do the broken arms this season if you dinnae mind !

Lunch... quality , when we heard it was stovies , we asked "Sausage or Corn Beef?".. "Briskit" we were told . Eh.. whits that... ah real meat... sounds good. We all cheated and stuffed our coupons... the stovies being served up with 2 oatcakes & beetroot ... ??? Still guid.

So we swally a few pints , then decide to do a Heed pub crawl before the evening do. Took in some wonderful dives. Seen a shite band of young laddies using music stands with the words & music in front of them, and had a chippie tea... mair cheatin'.

Back to the site and the evening do. By this time we were fairly tipsy , espesh oor Ali, who kept up with us until about 10:30 then stovie speckled the tarmac outside... took the jitters and demanded bed.. I took her back to the tent , gave her a cuddle to warm her up - and passed out an all !
Apparently Paul & Ross fi the Heed came in to get me up... but I was comatose... until about 11:45 when I woke with a fright... fick me ,
I'm missing a do... !

Shot in passed Stu and got a round in... hair all sticking up the lot (check the photo on the ELSC site of me , Shep & Stu) that's me just oota bed !
Anyhoos the rest of the evening shout that I can mind was excellent... even tried to get a conga going with Ross... 3 of us made it :)
After the do it was off to THE CARAVAN ! yeah ! Not a big turn out this year in the 'van... but still a hoot , Ross doing his best to make
us think we were in a boat :) I was convinced. Shep stayed on board until about 3:30 , then I jumped ship soon after.
Not that it helped as I lay awake all night waiting to fall asleep... damned earlier nap! I was facked in the morning I can tell ya.

It was going to be a looooooong journey home the way I was feeling, and that's not counting for tha fact that I'm still finding my nerve again after my tumble.
The journey was broken up at Aberdeen... when after getting us lost - the exact same way I did on my own last year... Sheps Gillera
died. Seemed more sever this time.
AA for the Shepster... and me and Ali trotted off to Kinross where I dooned a litre of water then headed off home.

Same again next year... too fickin right. Well done to BJ , Marty , Paul, Ross and all the others for another very entertaining event.

Photos are on , as well as a neat wee vid in one of the local dives.