Peterhead 2007
Cruden Bay , August 17-19

Left for Cruden Bay on my own (awwwww...Johnny nae pals) as I thought, fast scoot , one main road , bound to come across some other scoots... but nah.
Tanked it all the way up , stopping only for fuel and got there in about 3 1/2 of your metric hours.
Went straight to the wee shop by the beach for a pile of lager, back to campsite and pitched up beside Scotty & Lorna, a gid few others there already. The weather while setting up was actually braw, what a change to get your tent up with nae wind , and sun on your back... started to think I shouldn't have packed the wellies (how wrong can you be).

Peterheeed SC HQSo into the lagers , then before you know it we're all off into the do, plonked down beers flowing and a good crack from the off.
cannae remember the name of the Friday band , but they were good, wide ranging set, but maybe on too long for a few folk.

It was a very busy night considering we were almost at the north poll... and it was a Friday, but rest assured we all had a might fine night even if there was a severe sweety shortage... everyone taking a nibble out of everyone elses to keep going :) Polos mum, we all like our mint refreshments. (phew - close one there).

So drink, drink, drink, etc etc then before you know it the do's closed, we stand about my GTS with the mp3 player chucking out some sounds before we get too baltic , then remember about the caravan... yes ... the caaaraaavaan. Cast your mend back to the start of the Rothesay video.... just after the Bagpuss bit... Paul says.... "Caravan".

No-one knows why he said that, we had a discussion about it then assumed it was because there's always a caravan on site for the late-nighters. Or as Joe Strummer sang... "I'm the all night drug prowling wolf, that looks so sick in the sun..." shit stop it Nif.

So anyhoooos, we jump aboard and have a right giggle until about 6am I think, squeeze out as much pee-pee as I can so as not to get the bag wet (sleeping bag) and pass out until about 11 I think, best long lie I've had for ages.

The usual activity noises of folk getting up, folk pissed already (Jill for one) and scoots arriving. Including Wee Bob with Liam in tow , and Mr Snorey Joe (see Millport story) , who tried to convince me it was Mrs Snorey Joe that snored , not him. He even put her on the phone to me so she could tell me herself. She said he was a lying b*****d and it was him. Hey ho :)

Stevie Adair on Niffys GTSThere's a ride out organised, and Liam cannae take his eyes of my GTS auto , and begs for a backy roond toon. I oblige and he says after it was the best scooter he's ever been on.



Actually... he called me a big jessy ! Like father like son. Ha ! But they both cannae reach the floor while sitting on my scoot. Any ways, I remember I have to be nice to Bob... so I was :) (keep reading)

The ride out was well set-up and we got free sarnies at the footy club in Peterhead where the club normally has it's do's... they were hankering to host the rally there next year , but it's right in the middle of town.
Me 'n Liam pop over to Morrison's where I get a big box of Millers for me and him to share... and a natty 7 in 1 bottle/can opener for only 79p. Then tootle back to the site for said Millers and chat before settling down in the bar for .. eh.. bevvy. Oh and a couple of toasties.

Now, I'd been putting feelers out and about that I may be after a Lammy, and as it turns out, Wee Bob is selling his TS1, for reasons that we all have to put u with now and again, and I'd said I'd be interested.
A few bribes, toasties, pints and bargain stumbling by other 3rd parties , and we'd text'd an agreement. A formal contract mind Bob , my lawyers have verified that ! :)

So the night carry's on in it's usual way... a few worn out folk seeing as it was a good blast at it on Saturday, but still good. Davies Skebabs did 2 sets , and were excellent. So a good night that went on until about 1:30, even some of the junior scooterists lasted until the end, it was nice to see a few kids dotted about not in the way , but enjoying themselves as much as us oldies.
Before I forget... a few well dones... well done to the Animals for ANOTHER couple of trophies... the Lonesharks stealing best turned out club from the noses of the Turkey's, and Wee Bob himself getting one for his Lammy (not my one mind! :) ) Also Mark for all but securing Turkey's Member of the Year , hope it's not as rude as it sounds Mark.
Billy & Jean should get an award for "keeping out each others way on the dancefloor", Bert being beaten to the break dancing award by Scotty, oh and Scotty should get another for TRYING to teach me dance moves... nah , some things cannae be passed on ! Colin with his one stud should get an award anyway...

I won hee haw on the raffle.... , but who cares, I had my 79p bottle opener. So with that we all - well the late nighters - pop off to the caravan. Giggle , Giggle , guzzle , guzzle, sniff , sniff etc etc A right laugh again. And being told that the main reason to join Peterhead SC was they ride around naked... I'm moving North! Especially as they apparently have a 24 hour flower shop.

Now , doesn't every town need one of those.

Right , I get the droopy eyes at about 4am, so trudge off quietly , into tent for another peacefull night... but hang on , what's this another sleeping bag in the tent ??? Aw for fcks sake, guess who's invited themselves for a sleepover... aye , Zippy (previously known as Skolar). So there we are all squashed up in my 1/2 man tent... head to toe as Zippy was having to dive out for a phantom puke every half hour. That kept me up... then... hang on... what's that I hear ? Snorey Joy, 4 tents up. Jeezo , what a guy :) Blamin' his Mrs too.


So all in all, a reet blast. A crackin' mob those northerners, good rally. Get there next year folks. Even if it is pissin' doon.

Oh , and it only took me 3 hours to get back to Dunbar... yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
(Mind you, the GTS might be getting mothballed soon).

I've added the video to the front page of this site... and the YouTube account.