Do you think YOU feel bad on a Sunday morning... can you beat this... ?

ha ha ha ... quality.



Meanwhile , Isobell has denied all remarks that the cars arriving at Kelso are treated harshly,
and only the best parking valets are given duties to keep the cars safe...



On the last leg back from Scabby , it appears I almost lost the back wheel... just checking it thoroughly enough before the trip up to Oban. Close call... the screw fell out in my hand when I touched it... followed by the locking washer :?

Imagine what could have happened... missed my audition for HSM 3 !


Scabby Video (Part 1)

Scabby Video (Part 2)  

Eclipse Open day & Charity Run

After an overnight journey up from 'Ershire, Scotty was feeling braw for the day oot on Sunday.
He had this to say... " " (nowt.)


Edinburgh SC's Charity Egg Run to Blind School , 1st April 2009  



Well , I've still no' had ma haircut , as I've been in court for aaaaaages. And I won !! Read all about my legal battles here......









Tell yi what , these Coyote's outfits are really comfy... I wear mine all the time. They're no' getting this one back !


The Coyotes have launched their 2009 t-shirts , but seeing as there's nae guid lookin guys in their club, they asked me to model 'em.
Before anyone tried to get this one offa me (ladies will I know) someone else in East Lothian bought it...



Following on from the top trumps "Mullet" collection , featuring Shep... Bridlington seen the release of Top Tramps... here's 2 of the cards from the set... div ee ken these 2 ?



Shep never mentioned he was in a band... maybe we should hook up...



Ok pop pickers , take yer pick outta these 2 almost identical videos....
Who goes... you decide (in yer best Geordie accent)

Scotty's version

The original sexy vid..... oh , hang on...


Blast fi the Past !
Thanx to Norry for pulling these out for me...

#1 Scootering - December 1991 - Featuring Oban Rally

Click on pages for larger view - to see who you can spot.. some well kent faces there...


And whaes this.... can yi recognise ma mate ?

It's Colin Ford - now of Belhaven Bikes (push bikes mind) , but now back into real bikes an all... shame :)
Again , click for bigger view.




Some pics from the holiday in Spain... as you can see I had a guid laugh...
I think the family did 'n all... never asked :)

Bert & Ernie man... cool.

Advertisin' the VCS at the beach.

Gettin' hung...

Mon... square go... (says Popeye)

Rinky Dink !

Checkin' oot the kick start for Norrie.

Me being very serious at the kids disco...


Check the nic o' her oot !
Minxxy at Kelso 2008 - Friday night.

I've been told that Skinz and me are like twin brothers... hah ! In his dreams :)
Make up your own mind...


Niffy... oh hang on... I cannae mind now...


The 2008 Injury List...


Niffy - scootin' accident

Les - scootin' accident

Martin P - dancin' accident !

Mark - scootin accident




Click HERE for the gorey wound pictures !
Make sure you really wanna though !

The Lammie , after the crash...
the spare wheel saved the legshields from a right bending it seems.

(video below of first start up since...) 

All in all , the scoot made it through ok, thanks in most parts to the Taffy pipe and the spare wheel being front mounted.

The only real downside is the Fed have lost my keys. The PC that attended the crash thought it would be a good idea to post the keys , feck knows why he didn't just hand them into me in the hospital. They've never arrived home, over 2 weeks later.

Hats off to Footman James, one quick phone call , and the scoot was picked up from Red's house and back that night in Dunbar. Not sure if I'll claim for helmet, jacket and breaks yet. I'll see what the hassle is like to do that...

Massive thanx to everyone that's been texting, emailing etc their best wishes. Really touched you all love me so much... group hug < mmmmmmm >


Today's quiz... one of the above pics is the idea for a tat I'm gettin'... can you guess what one... guess right and you can buy me a gin... send your entries to "the answer is the middle one, the radge with the Riki bass @ or some other cunty email adress .com


Rat cut & shut


So after the Ghosts do.. a spot of home made karaoke.
See if you can spot my Ali in the video...

As Skolar prepares to get his new scoot on the road, he shows off his easy access cable holes on the old , retired Widda Maker.

Don't get caught reading shite magazines by Geoff...

"Now there's a good boy!"

And I ate it all myself :)


Ah , ya dancer, Ali got me a TS1 badge for the Lammy, been after one of these for ages.



Ha ha ha , it's in the eyes :)

Why has yer hood got a zip all the way round ?




Anyway, speaking of fat, I thought I'd get used to my growing weight,
and balding head by sitting alongside one of my heroes...

...can you tell which one is me ? The one with the good complexion is Homer.



New from Matel Toys... the new scooter boy action figure.
"Zippy the Widda"
Based on a fictional character last seen in the small town of Wigtown.

With real working zip, to pretend to catch some skin at 2 o'clock in the morning. Also comes with authentic scooter boy cut aff, with club logo on back, skatelites badge & 2p coin on front and JC moto on shoulder.

RRP £19.99 from all good toy stores.

skolar doll




Our legal advisers have recommended we remove one or two of the more dodgey videos before my mum sees them... probably a good idea :)

Down at my mum's for tea tonight and spotted this old gem in a frame.
I've never had a good haircut in my life it seems.

Remember , if you're ever caught in an awkward position... you know who to blame...



Woohoo !!!

Magners is good for you !

In your face Dr Badger !

Can you see me.... I'm in the vegetation... vegetating.


Ah, my main man, Simo , on stage with The Good The Bad & The Queen.


Being filmed in Edinburgh , Sunday 10th June 2007


So , we find a get a BIG bottle of gin seeing as Buddle is scupd, and then we find a tatoo machine...
jeez , hope this shit washes off....

I can't quite pull off a tough look.. I'm such a sweet guy :x

Photo Exclusive !!!

Skolar kisses
(a) Cat !!!

Eeek , Imac required ??




Odds 'n ends 'n videos...

Right, here's the plan for Brid... it's "Super Hero Rally" first up... this heid case...

Crackin' video...


2 new videos to keep you entertained... Skolars drive around Innerwick (Dunbar) at 300mph , and Iain's Gallus Dancin'

Here's a wee pic of Minxxy at the front of the stage heckling Setting Sons at Edinburgh's Liquid Room - supporting SLF.

This has got nowt to do with Scoots - bar the fact that you can see one of my PX mirrors (not moddy though) in the pics...

...but anyhooos , me and Martin were bored today , so we glued a 50p piece to the pavement and watched folk try to pocket the cash !

here's some of the photos...

Ahhhh , the things you do.
As a matter of interest, it's still there if any of you guys are needing the cash !


Scootering magazine , and several web sites had been advertising a 'Dunbar Blues' run to Dunbar for July 16th...

...not only was there nothing booked at the hotel it was advertised for, but there's not even such a club as Dunbar Blues.

Willie Grieve was trying to arrange something , to boost Dunbar's scene , but took ill and nothing was organised.

Still... over a dozen scoots turned up from Edinburgh , Cambuslang and Glenrothes.

No harm done - as it was a nice day for a trip along the A1 anyway.


The Last Helmet Cam Adventure ?


"Midgey Gone" Promo



A Trip With Gary on his Film Star Mobile to North Berwick


A small irrelevant video

If you look really close... I mean REALLY close... you can maybe just see a scooter in there somewhere...

That's a LOT of pants !

More camo...if you look really close... I mean REALLY close....

Skolar's rat at the front of a BIG pile o' shite.
Maybe it's the OTHER Black Widdas ?

How about the Scally milkshake pole dance from Kelso ?
Click the pic then...

So , recently I was looking for a plaster for a wee cut on my finger... rumaging around in one of the kitchen drawers when I came across a roll of sticky backed velcro...
"Aha!" thought me , I know just the way to waste that...

10 minutes later I had my wee cheap digi camera that shoots basic videos stuck very crudely to the side of my Caberg, and I was off down the A1.

Got to admit, I expected the thing to blow off within 30 secs , but thought the footage of that would be worth it...

Well blow me , if it didn't stay on for the whole trip... so here's a big (hopefully it will stream for you) video of my run along the A1 and into my shop on Dunbar High Street..

A1-Dunbar Video

A trip into Edinburgh (speeded up)

Seeing as that worked... watch this space for more useless videos soon.


Niffy & Annie , and Gary & Emily
April 2006

Coyotes visit to Dunbar, May 2006

Coyotes visit to Dunbar , May 2006