Millport , August 2007

Millport this year wasn't part of my rally callendar, but in the end me and Ali went through , as we couldn't get a baby sitter for Peterhead, so to at least have one away trip with the Mrs this year , we shot through on Saturday afternoon when the shop closed.

We left Dunbar at about 2pm , and were on site for 5, stopping just the once at the service station just up from wee Colin's in Greenock for some fuel and a Mars bar. The camp site - actually , more like how I imagined the Somne must have been like... craters of mud , cars stuck in holes, and scooters sinking into the soggy grass as you watch.
Snail, Carmen , Carol and co were pitched up in what turned out to be one of the wettest patches, so we found a dri (er) bit along the hedge, but as it turns out, next to one of the world's loudest snorers... fuck me that was a racket.

Anyhoos, me 'n Ali get our £4 Tesco's tent up in a flash, and wonder if it would still be there when we came back later, ah well , so what :)

We meet up with Iain, Ian, Graeme & Davey from the Coyotes, who'd been boozing in town since 11am, and we continue in the George with bucket loads of bevvie, being "entertained" by many a story of falling over walls and shit... Rab's £5.30 buckie hunt... you had to be there...

We were told that the Friday night was very quiet... Saturday was ok , but not as busy as last year, a few folk talking about a boycott as the Rally isn't put on by a Club... just an individual. So what , the folk that went had a ball, hats off to the guy for doing it. It fills a gap in the month quite nicely.

Around 8:30 we walk along to the Town hall thingy for the main do, grab a table and plonk down for the night in the usual stylee. We're joined quite soon by Mark G. who'd made it all the way from Fife without breaking down... not heard if he made it home yet though !

So we drink & dance until 1am and then get shovelled out into the rain, the guys clearing up making it obvious they don't want anyone loitering around. No marquee here to mull around in, and to wet to hang around anyone's tent , so it's straight to bed... and thankfully the tent is still up , and fairly dry inside... all hail Tesco cheap tents. Jackets are soggy , shoes are wringing - they're kicked off to the bottom of the tent and we both crash giggling away to myself wondering if Ali was going to have to get up in the night and use her emergency piss pot seeing as there were no bogs. Alas , it was only me that had to widdle out the front of the tent , then crash out again listening to snory joe next door.

By christ, what a wet bloody summer though eh... 2 weeks in a row getting up to a muddy field... we must love this malarcky to do it so often... it's just as well we all have a laugh with great company, good music and plenty of laughs at each others expense.

Roll on Peterhead next week... whether it's soaking or sunny, we'll all have a cracking time... I've just got to sort out how I can get from York to Dunbar in time for leaving to meet up with everyone else on Friday. Leave York 9am... Dunbar 12, Forth Bridge after change & load up for 2pm ??? Should be ok.

I might even get furthest travelled :)


We had a toast or 4 to absent friends, we tried to coax our good pals from Bonnybridge to come through but to no avail...

... MaDGE & Minxxy couldn't make it either.. ha ha. And it was wet , so Gary would have been in Barbados.

Oh, and sorry for the lack of photos, someone (me) forgot to bring the charged up camera battery.Ali took a few with Al Bundy's camera though , and will pinch them soon enough.

That was quick... here they are... thanx Al.