Kelso - May 2007

This was my first outing this year , so was well looking forward to it.
Mr S. arrived at my gaff early - at 12pm, we were hoping Gary was going to be ready sharpish , but he promised us 2pm as per official Dunbar Flight Plans , so me & Mr S (I'm calling him that for security reasons - anyone that knows oor Widdas gadge will understand why) paced up and down , playing tunes and reading old Scootering mags until 1:55 came when we popped round to Gary's to harass him.

Turns out that Piaggio have made the GTS clock (and more - see later) the same way as the speedo - wildly inaccurate, 10% out as it seems :) so Gary got the time required to finish getting dressed. Clock on GTS fixed , Gary loaded up we were ready to go !





Gary - although knowing about the rally WAY in advance had no petrol. We were too excited to hang about so we all convinced each other there was enough fumes in his tank to get us to Grantshouse.
As it turns out - there was , but there turned out to be NO petrol at Grantshouse Garage !! Pish flaps !
After a few minutes trying not to think about one of us having to go back to Dunbar for a can of juice, I found an old bit of hose , and Mr S. (who was on my PX btw) was voted in as chief syphoner. After drinking a litre of good fuel from my tank, we gave Gary what was left in the can...well what Mr S. didn't throw all over Gary's scoot.
That was us though , enough gas to get to Duns , then into Kelso - RALLY FEVER !

Tent was up zipity-quick , then it was into the Strongbow , an 18 pack swinging from my scoots front hook.
MaDGE, Minxxy, Linda & Gary arrived eventually , and unloaded an artic full of bedding , duvets and luxury toilet facilities...honest ! There's me with an Argos special sleeping bag on the groundsheet.

Usual pre do kerry oot was fun , then we went in to catch the 'meanies. They were good and the ever growing crowd were well up for a laugh.
No the VCS was having a meeting at 10am on Saturday morning , and I had to go back home & get Ali , change of clothes etc. So my plan was to get up about 6am , nip home and be back for 10am.
The first part was fine, was up at 6am ok , in fact was up about 4am chittering with cauld, fick knows how as I'd drunk 13 of my 18 Strongbows. Even managed to get an hours kip in the wimin's toilet (don't ask). So maybe that's how I was up so early :) Got to admit I struggled to get my self together properly , but after 15 minutes of the cold drive, I was properly awake and before I knew it - on the A1 at 80mph heading to Dunbar. This is where my plans fell apart, Ali & the bairn were in the big bed , all warm and cosy , and it just looked to inviting ... "No!" I thought , into shower change of clothes - back for 10..... so any way at 11:30 I wake up. All plans change Ali confirms a lift down with her mum (thanks Nan pet) and I jump on scoot and head back to be there in time for the VCS silly games - but in no real mood.

Ali arrives at about 2:30 , and we slowly get in aboot the new kerry oot of Magners.

We get into the do sharpish - as it was going to be mobbed, get a good table and booze it up. The Complete Stone Roses were fickin terrific ! Check out there impromptu ending to I am The Resurrection video , the huge crowd were loving every moment. What a good band.

A crackin weekend (a lot of folk stayed for Sunday night - but not us amateurs :) ) , and with the clouds gathering on Sunday morning , we get our tents down and shoot off, trying to miss most of the rain. The outside temp gauge on the GTS (why is it there ? I dunno) at one point showing it was 22' . Hah ! No chance , typical Vespa clock/gauge problems. It was baltic on way home. Then it eventually showed 6' C , that's more like it - now the GTS knows I'm really cold - and as usual , no waterproofs.

Will I ever learn ? Nah. Probably not.


So thanks to everyone that helped set up this rally - it was an absolute hoot.


Video 1

"This Is The One"
Performed by The Complete Stone Roses

Video 2

Kelso , May 2007

Video 3

"Kelso Outro "
Performed by The Complete Stone Roses


Now for a pile choried from Linda :)