Kelso - May 2006
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Eeee a local rally for us Dunbar peeps, so much so that I did it twice this weekend, Friday, then back to Dunbar on Saturday - pick up the Mrs and back to Kelso.

The place was quite busy from Friday night on, with many large groups of people all tented up and enjoying a carry-oot in the ... wait for it... sunshine ! Yes indeed, the rain stayed away for the most part and we wre treated to some forecast beating nice weather. Minxxy's strawberry / vodka dackery was going well, and the banter was good.
Off to the 'do' at about 10:30 and camped out in the corner supping more booze for a few hours. The dj's did a no' bad job, but a bit too northern orientated again - and a poor PA system meant blurry sound if you weren't in the middle of the hall.
Still a good night and I even lasted 'til 12am before bailing out trying to find my tent... did in the end although for a few minutes I was thinking it was nicked as I couldn't see it , but that was just the gin doing was still there.
The parties continued well into the wee hours, but the music didn't stop me from cowping out in good style for my trip back to Dunny early in the morning.

Saturday morning's return trip went without any major event except my speedo cable breaking , so I couldn't see what amazing results my PX speedo was going to say I was doing, and I was back on site with Ali before some folk had even got up from their kips... but as usual, some of them hadn't BEEN to their kips yet !

A good custom show and stalls was on on Saturday afternoon, with Skolars rat being entered into the "most effective use of gaffa tape" category. I bought a new speedo cable and scarf so I could retire my old Hibs one that was a constant source of bother and slagging, and left it tied to the fence as a momento.

A couple of pints here then we trotted of to Cloister's for a few more - must point out as well , It was going to be interesting to see how the "No Smoking" policy was going to be handled at this Rally - the first major one in Scotland, and it must be said it was efficiently and effectively abided to. I saw one lass with a fag in a pub but she soon realised and nipped outside. Even the do's at night were happily met by smokers outside - mind you , might have been different if it was pissing down.

Back at the main do, a better selection of music was being churned out , as there was a separate soul room, but the PA was still major style bad (at times anyway), although the band for the night - Basketcase had an excellent sound - and they went down a storm. A good solid, tight performance from a band that knows how to put on a show - well done lads.
I won't bother rattling on much more as you know how the rest goes , music , dancing, drinkin' - bed (for some) then up on Sunday to go home.

It did seem actually that most folk were going home on the Sunday - despite the event going on until Monday, not to worry , I'm sure everyone will be back next year !


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