Hamilton Ghosts Do
Feb 16th 2008

Ah, a first outing of the year for me & Ali.
It was just going to be the 2 of us meeting up with MaDGE & Minxxy , then through to Linda & Gary's - but late on Friday, Davie from the Skababs asked if our drummer (Gary Film Star Villiers) could stand in. Gary duly obliged, and also took through emergency mic stands. Not bad eh... "Can we borrow a drummer and 2 mic stands please?" :)

We got through to Motherwell at about 5:45 and had a wee drink or 3 before getting a taxi along to the do at Hamilton Accies fitty ground.

A great bash , good time had by all and I got nicely smashed. First guid piss up for ages.

I believe we got taxi's back to Linda's then party'd on til about 3am... oh and it was my birthday... thanx for the cake & card guys.

Right, that's about it... see you soon eh.

Oh... and the Ghosts now have their own web site... pay them a visit at