Hamilton Ghosts Weekender
Up the Junction III - Lesmahagow 20-22 June 2008

This year seen a progression of my attendance at the Ghosts rally. 2 years ago I popped through with Gary for the Saturday afternoon for an hour or so... he was running in his LML so we used it as an excuse to get a few miles in.
Last year I went through and stayed for Saturday night , and cannae mind a thing aboot it !

This year , was the whole weekend. Left Dunbar after the shop closed and met up with Scotty & Lorna at Dalkeith... with a short detour into Shep's for some leaflets for the ELSC Rally in August - which will be a belter... (get it?).

We zipped along to Abingdton, then up the M74 to the Truck Stop. Sitting about 60 all the way... which was fast enuff for me seeing as I'm still trying to get my heid back into gear since my wee tumble. The Lammie did a grand job apart from the fuel tap lever falling off at the Services at Abington.
So along at Lesmahagow , tents up , water proofs off and drink in.

Fik me , those midges ... it was like an ambush... the clever folk over the weekend stayed around Big Ted fi The Animals , as the midges seemed to prefer his high suger content blood.

A few folk were saying it was very quiet on the Friday night , but it was more than I was expecting seeing as it's a VERY full month, and Whitby was last week.
A guid laugh was had by all at the do' - and Mary (fi Squire & Mary) did a grand job entertaining us with a big horn... maste of the guys couldn't get a tune outta it , (I thought it was a yard of ale tumbler) but Mary belted oot plenty squaks !
We got turffed out fairly sharp on... bout 1:45 as far as I can mind and there was no party tent this year ... so with it being baltic, not many people were hanging about to party. I sat up with Gary (from Gary & Linda) drinking MaDGE's vodka until about 4:30 when we'd run outta nice things to say about folk... so I binned into bed, but not before I fell out the tent... on the way down spinning masel aroon so as not to break my arm again... I'm learning !

I stuttered awake about 11am on Saturday morning , to find Stu fi the Club had came through, ready to stay ... but undecided , as the tent was still on the scoot. Wee Bob & Anne & Liam and others had also arrived. I got washed up and perfumed etc . made masel look bonny and we stotted aboot until hitting the bar at about 1pm ish.... by this time Stu was deciding to stay... but the tent can get done later :)
See the wee pervy picture below.... you had to be there and see the better quality photo to appreciatte it.... otherwise , just enjoy the pic of one of our friends from a few years ago...The afternoon karaoke went well... I reckon I won it for my brill Elvis... but I got nae awards or nowt. Minxxy got red flagged a few times , but refused to stop :) The afternoon turned into the night and mair beers were swallied... Stu's tent still strapped tightly to his Lammie.
Mair beers , loads mair beers ensued... and nae dinner (nae cheatin') except for Colin's supply of sweeties for his "trick". Stu then passed oot the real sweets (Parma violets)... mair beers ... looooads mair beers , watching Brads sneak oot all his empty tins was amusing , as he'd bought them as a kerry oot fi somewhere cheaper.

What else can I say aboot it.... I won a new seat... well me & Lorna did as she paid for the tickets - in the raffle.... I spent the night showing folk my lumpy freak of an arm and then we were chucked oot fairly pronto at the back of 1am again.
Stu's tent was STILL on the back of his scoot , so between me , Bob & him , we decided he could just get his bag in mine and get cooried in.
I went up to my tent to get something , cannae mind what , and it was like I'd been hit with a hammer ... oot like a light as soon as I say my ain sleepin' bag... slept right through to 7:30. Best rally kip in years.

So off hame with nae probs.... except from 1 mile outside Dunbar Lammie cut oot deid. gave it a minute and blocked up the Miku carb mouth and off she went again... water off the roads mibbe ? I'll check it later.

Anyhoos. Braw. Guid laugh...

Dunno what's next for me now... operation on my arm next Monday so will definitely miss the LCS/LCGB do in Blackford... then the Animals Bute rally... I really DONT want to miss that... but will have to see how healed up I am... cannae go busting the frigin' thing again !

No many (if any) pics taken by me , so will spend the next few days choring other folks :)

Later peeps.