Hamilton Ghosts Weekender
Up the Junction II - Lesmahagow 22-23 June 2007

Due to work , I couldn't get away for this until the Saturday, so I hooked up with Billy from Dalkeith & District, and we set off from Musselburgh in heavy rain at 10am. The first half of the journey was very wet, but the downpours stopped in time to make it a refreshing day.
Arrived on site and started tenting up beside wee Bob & Geoff/Minxxy's tents, only to find that the inside of my tent was all mouldy - not having dried it out since Kelso ! Lesson #1 learned.

Everything else was just chucked into the tent , didn't bother unpacking sleeping bag etc. Then Billy cracked open some Strongbow. Nice.
We took a wander around the stalls and all that, some more cider. Skolar arrived about 3pm , and was quickly sent off for 'other' supplies... from here on in, I'll have to keep referring to the photos , as it gets a bid void in my head. One of those flash back memories where you remember 15 seconds of something odd , and you try to piece them all together.

I'm presumming I enjoyed the do at night, wee Bob's lad did a DJ slot - bloody good too , good crowd , good atmos,and then when that finished, Skolar manned the decks in the small marquee for an all night session, before we knew it , it was about 8am and people were packing up and going home... but hang on...I'm a 41 year old guy, getting on I know, and I need my sleep ! Lesson #2 learned.

So I thought I'd tackle taking my tent down, and the mouldy thing was packing up nicely until every one of the inner elastic strings inside the poles snapped. Still being pissed probably didn't help.

So there I am, tent down and in bits , still steamin' , medication worn off, immense tiredness now kicking in... fuck it , I'll just pack up anyway. Strapped my unused sleeping bag to my scoot and swerved my way across to the cafe for a black coffee.

There's some more scary stories to tell about the first aborted run home (which lasted 90 seconds) and the real journey home - but they're best kept for around the campfire.

I'm not proud of myself, for that, gonna get hurt one day if that carries on. Lesson #3 learned !

It was a shame Gary had to miss this to go to Glastonmuddy, but the ability to shoot through at over 70mph with Billy was ultra good.

Also thanks to Wee Bob and the rest for keeping an eye on me, and it was good to meet up with some of the lads from the Lowlanders - who have booked our band for Wigton. Also hello to Martin from Glasgow who I met up with again in the "all-nighter marquee". And to all the hundreds of people I've invited to stay over at my gaff for the Coast 2 Coast on July 20th/21st... and I know it's a few... eh ... see you then I suppose :?

Ali went spare when I arrived home with no tent... (again) so I've to stay in next weekend to pay for a new one.

But anyhoos , a top day & night, good company (always a laugh with MaDGE , Minxxy, Gary & Linda) and if I pissed anyone off than I'm sorry, what can a guy do ? :)
A very special hug and "sorry" to Tara for pinching your CD's. Thanks to Billy for the chummy through and Jean also for the booze.

Anyways ... here's some photos , and there's now a video opposite too >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Video...