East Lothian SC's 25th Anniversary Rally

29th & 30th August 2008

Hunners of pics on www.eastlothiansc.co.uk


East Lothian SC are a small club... a very small club so the thought of a full rally to get sorted out and run smoothly made a few local folk a tad anxious.
On the Friday at about 1pm , Red finished a 5 hour journey up to meet me at my gaff in Dunbar. A quick coffee and stock up of lager from Asda and we were off into Musselburgh - a whopping 20 minutes along the A1 for me... a shade on what poor Red's just done to get up here ! But... he was just as miffed to find out John Manns had ridden up from Devon for the occasion on a standard LI 150 Lammie.
So we get to the site and already there are a good few tents up , the site didn't officially open until 5pm , but that didn't deter the early birds getting camped up and chilling out in the ... wait for it... glorious sunshine ! At last a rally with decent weather ! Nige had been promising for months he'd booked good weather , and it looks like he had. I'd forgotten what it was like to put up a huge tent in blazing heat, must have lost about a stone by the time I was finished.
Some of the early birds included some of our Belgian friends who were on a tour of sorts , and had been pitched up since the Thursday night. If only I'd knew , I could have went for that jog with Donald ... to keep him in shape you understand... nowt wrong with my physique :)
So ELSC were kept busy with a load of scoots arriving , with the first 150 or so receiving a crackin' goodie bag which included a proper hip flask and miniature of whisky ! Later goody bags even had baseball hats in them. The club were also selling a double CD with over 40 tracks chosen by the members - covering a wide spectrum of genres... even The Bay City Rollers ! As the evening rode in , everyone got on with on with the usual merriments and at around 9pm the club tried to shepherd as many bodies into the Friday night venue - a Rugby Clubhouse to watch The Skebabs who went down a storm. The numbers just right in the Clubhouse to make it a jumpin' good night.
At chucking time... everyone stotted back to the campsite to unearth all their carry-oots, and the parties carried on until after 4am (some never actually stopped mind).

Saturday morning arrived... still warm and dry... showers open... cheap breakfast rolls on the go... fuelled up, cleaned and ready to go again !
Numbers over the course of the morning and afternoon must have reached about 450... and around 25 scoots were up for the ride-out to Glenkinchie Distillery, where on route the ride out stopped at the entrance to a castle to be met  by a piper wearing an ELSC t-shirt , and everyone was handed out a minature of whisky from Sheps GP toolbox... then a tour of the Glenkinchie's facilities. Everyone that went out said it was a fantastic trip. After the rideout a mini-highland games was on the go... tossing the caber being a huge highlight, the winner receiving a crackin' bottle of Malt Whisky.

We even had an afternoon of free ice cream , thanks to Lorna at Lucas of Mussy.... quality !

There were good shows from many clubs as expected... The Coyotes , Blues, Wild Turkeys, Berwick Bulldogs, Lonesharks, a good gang all the way down from Peterhead including their inflateable turtle, Dalkeith, The Animals and many more, even Billy & Sharon Hardie all the way down from Inverness.
There were loadsa folk milling about the stalls & burger vans... but not me ... oh no... not with my figure.An interesting aspect to the Saturday afternoon was the rugby match taking place right next to the campsite... Musselburgh v Haddington , the away team must have thought Musselburgh have this huge base of dedicated fans that camp up for every game.
A few harem scarem moments at conversions... one ball just about knocking wee Jeanie fi the Blues tent down... just as she got it up.My visions of a crowd of drunken scooterists holding onto the ball... being chased by two teams of rugby players never coming to fruition.
The custom show was on at the same time and some decent scoots were on display... results at the end of this lot - judging by Alex Paton & Barry Turner. Some really nice machines, not the biggest show I’ve seen , but some top quality work.
So as the afternoon turned into night, the main venue was starting to fill up. East Lothian SC had a slideshow being projected on a wall 40 feet across showing scooter rally pics from the late '70's right up to the last rally attended this month. It was a cracking site to see old photos blown up that big, with the  pictures taken from  club’s website at www.eastlothiansc.co.uk . It has an absolutely brilliant gallery section – with photo’s going back to the ‘70s.Meanwhile a selection of crackin DJ's... Goldeneye, Alex, Shep , Liam , Gillie, Andy Dennison , Paul McCann & Zander  kept all the dancers happy... a separate soul room upstairs which I heard from many people was one of the best in a long time.
There were a couple of minor sound issues which were handled as best as possible... with most people not even noticing that the main PA in the venue got blown up so as the raffle was being called out , frantic plan B's were set up through the band's PA system.Ah the band... Mental Channel No 1 played a blinding set of classic punk style rally songs and went down a right treat ! It was also good to see that both Mental Channel No 1 and The Skebabs both stayed over on Saturday night and enjoyed the rest of rally.
The night blazed on, with the bar staff struggling at times to cope (they were WELL warned about how thirsty we all get) but at the end of the night - everyone had had a cracking time. The official night came to a close around 12:30 and groups of party go-ers were up for keeping the night alive, although ,most folk had petered out by 2:30 - having partied so hard over the weekend.
So looking back , a cracking rally run by around a dozen scooterists from this small club. The talk on Sunday morning was "same again next year ?" , no-one would comment on that officially except to say that this was set out to be a one off.
But who knows. All I know is there's a crate of Top Deck on the back of my Lammie , and I'm away out on Friday for the weekend.

Get some shandy doon eeeeeee ,

Your roving reporter,

Bob Shandy xxx



Trophies Awarded :

Best of Show          Sponsored by Berwick Bulldogs SC        Vespa S82 KRB       Jim Blair  Wild Turkeys SC
Best Lambretta       Sponsored by Lambretta Club of Scotland             TV175 S2  DSL 398  Stuart Smith           L & S Scooters
Best Vespa              Sponsored by Vespa Club of Scotland    P200E      Ian Stewart
Best Engineered     Sponsored Lu Caffe Lambretta S5  XYJ833             Harry Mills              Wearside Wanderers SC
Best Custom           Sponsored by L & S Scooters  Nightmare              Gary        Animals SC
Best Vintage           Sponsored by Lu Caffe            TV 175  408 BSK     Gillie       LCS
Punters Choice        Sponsored by Musselburgh RFC             TV175 S2  DSL 398  Stuart Smith           L & S Scooters
Club Choice             Sponsored by East Lothian SC                SX 200     Ralph Appleby         Bogeyman SC
Furthest Travelled Sponsored by            Berwick Bulldogs SC                               John Mann      South Devon
Best Turned out Club              Sponsored by Dalkeith & District SC                       Coyotes Scooter Club

There was also a special award to The Dirty Devils SC from Belgium for their huge efforts.