Edinburgh Blues / Eclipse Open Day
Charity Run , March 30th 2008

Eclipse Scooters excellent new web site

Shep...nae soup left !

Ach... you're on the site plenty Marty... that could be this weeks competition... instead of Where's Waldo ... ?

Quite a good gathering of peeps down to Tranent for their annual open day / Ed. Blues Charity Run.
The poor weather initially may have put a few folk off, but there were well kent faces from Peterhead , Animals , Dalkeith, Coyotes , Falkirk etc etc on show , and as expected , a large (trophy winning size) pile of bods from East Lothian SC.

I was there by car... passenger at that due to recent events, and just tooks pics & videos instead.
Good to see a lot of pals I've not seen since last year. Video is on YouTube/niffypx... and easier than that... below...