The Dalkeith & District Do - November 25th 2006

Eee, Sunday mornin' hung over , fooooo o' the cold and aw sair, but still good crack last night. To be honest , me & Ali shouldn't have went , both of us feeling lousy, but glad we did anyways.

We got picked up by Tara & Sparky from The Tynsiders SC (thanx guys) and eventually found the Morris Club. It was a minginly cold night, but everyone that was there enjoyed themselves. I know I've mentioned this before, but the No Smokin rule doesn't have empty a big hall at times with all the smokers rotating their shifts outside. Still , it's nice to not go home reakin' of fags . There's another joke there but I won't :)

There were the usual big crowds from The Embra Blues, Coyotes, Lone Sharks, East Lothian & of course the Dalkeith guys & gals, a mention must go to the crowd from Belfast an all. I had been tasked with getting Skolar set up with a bird , but gave up early on as he wouldn't sit still long enough, ach - he manages fine on his own anyway :) If you know what I mean. The bar staff coped well , I had copious ammounts of £2.20 tennents before switching to Gin later on - as that's what makes me get up and dance... G&T ... but too little too late as my flu bug was on top of me and I wanted to just vegetate.

There a decent bunch the DDSC'ers and it was a nice way to end our year (me & Ali) , I can't go to the Groundhogs do next week so that's me until 2007.
So I'm off to lie on the couch all day and feel shite, eat crap and watch Man U v Chelsea, while listening to Hibs beat Celtic on the tranny. If Hibs get gubbed , I'll delete this bit out later.

Anyway, thanks for checking in (mum) see you all in 2007.