The Dalkeith & District Do - November 26th 2005

Held in The Morris Club , just outside Dalkeith, the annual DDSC do was a well attended affair - I'd say between 150-200 happy peeps were there, but I've never been very good at quantity surveying.

There were the usual crews to be seen for this area - so apart from the Dalkeith guys and gals - there were big squads from Edinburgh's Blues & Reivers, The Coyotes, East Lothian and a host of others.

Things were quiet dance floor wise until the jungle juice kicked in at around 10:30 when the dance floor hardly had much space on it for the rest of the night.

A good mixture of the usual scooterist sounds kept everyone happy (apart from the few times that the DJ seemed to trip over the plug and cut the power to the decks 2 or 3 times :)

Furthest travelled award went to Raff & Danger from N.Ireland - although it must be said Danger & Cat are more or less locals now - as they'll be moving to Dunbar in the new year... upping the scooter population once again.

All in all a great night was had by all...we won 3 bottles of wine in the raffle - and there were free nuts at the table...what more can you ask for ! Good sounds - great company and free nuts to go with your cheap beer....nice.