The Coyotes SC 22nd Anniversary Do
Whitburn Miners Welfare
Sat. 28th January 2005

There was a HUGE turn-out for this do , with both downstairs and upstairs bars just about coping to keep supplies of booze flowing the right way. A good show from many clubs , all the usual suspects and many from around the UK and farther afield.
The music at the start of the night was pumping out all the usual stuff and at good volume too... getting everyone into the swing of the night. The band (The Law) eventually got themselves on stage and bravely stuttered through their great mixed set - although their PA set-up left the sound mix fairly dead. But for any band to do a mix of 'Mondays , The Jam , The Clash , Jimmy Cliff, Hendrix etc hats off to the guys. A bit of a start-stop affair - but they went down well none-the-less.

The music after the raffle was a bit too involved in Northern for me , (I like a good mix) - but to be fair - the dance-floor showed it was still the right choice.

All in all a good night as expected - well organised - extremely well attended - well done the The Coyotes.