July 21-23 July 2006

Imagine that... leaving to go on a rally in brilliant sunshine !

This was the first time that the Mrs (Ali) had ever been able to come on a full weekend rally, seeing as Gary & Tracey had offered to watch our 6 year old lass , Annie for the whole weekend... we took advantage , and Ali got Gary's bed in our pre-booked twin room on the Kingsway.

We set off about 2pm after dragging ourselves away from our wee one, and off down the A1, deciding to do the trip with as little stops as possible, all the way down the A(M)1 , M62 then M180.

Twice we got to services after driving with the fuel light on for about 10 miles...
maybe I should have planned more stops... crusing at about 60 on our PX210 (genuine 60 mind , none of your PX speedo inaccuracies here) all the way down in the roasting hot temperatures.
We didn't see a single other scoot until about Scunthorpe when we passed a couple of small bunches. Still , a trouble free journey down.

Got into town around 7:30pm ish , and past Bootleggers on way through... it was packed outside already, our digs on the Kingsway were the other side of the peir so we just hopped along straight there, our gaff is a pub/hotel one of the last before going along to the main do at the Winter Gardens so there were plenty of scooter folk filling up on bevvy there already.

Quick pint of Scrumpy Jack, dumped bags in room and back outside where we met up with Wee Bob , Malice and co...

The main do started filling up on the Friday at about 10:30, as Dave the Mod from Scooterist Internet Radio played a great selection of tunes all night... well I'm assuming all night , as seeing as me 'n Ali hadn't had owt to eat, we bailed about 11:30 to find a chippie.
Now , I 'd had a few pints , but I'm sure I heard Dave say something about the Specials getting back together ???
Some more of that here...

Friday night over.

Saturday morning and I drag Ali down for breakfast at 9am to get a start to the day... along to the parts fair and custom show which got busy with peeps & scoots about 12pm, Nik from ScooterboyWorld.Com playing a fine selection of tunes in the Peir Bar, although just as we were about to get into sesh mode... the one working til packed in leaving a big thirsty crowd waiting on bevvy , and being as impatient as me meant bailing out to find another pub... so we went along to Bootleggers to watch "Badness" perform.... stood at bar for 10 minutes, still behind about another 20 guys as the incredibly slow bar staff chatted their way through serving folk... bugger this... off again... so we had a pint in O'Neils then went off for lunch.

It started to rain a tad for about an hour, but nothing too heavy, and after another hour milling about the custom show and all that... we chilled until about 5pm when it was time to set up base camp in a boozer somewhere.
I was keen to catch "All Mod Cons" at the Bootleggers , but no way I was going to put up with that bar service, so the initial plan was to get tanked up, buy a few bottles somewhere and check the band out... but then I noticed a wee tidy bottle bar , outside Bootleggers with no queue !!! Perfect.
That's where we noticed Bert & Gallus parked up as well so we joined them in some merriment.
Gallus had bought himself a toy catapult, and looked very much the Oor Wullie... while Bert's "Willy Specs" and genuine Rat Poison were entertaining too :)

As the rat poison began getting spilt everywhere, Gallus played safe and took it to the bog to dispose off... shame as we'd planned on using that at the do instead of talc , to aid our dance efforts. Also had I known the bastards behind the bar were going to refuse our Scottish bank notes , I may have found another use for it :)

"All Mod Cons" were very good , some (or all, not sure) of the guys play in "Influential Factor" who we seen at Brid last year. Shame they don't play with Ricky's , but then again , it's kinda refreshing to see a Jam tribute band just play the songs and not try to copy the gear set up as well.
The bass player using his fingers to play instead of a pick also was a novelty in a Jam Tribute... any way - well played lads.

Along to the main do shortly after and it was mobbed fairly early on, and with no air conditioning, it was swealtering ... I mean REALLY swealtering... still a good night and again , I was chuffed with the music selection in the main room, a great mix. I was even up 'dancing' in my own dodgey way for a good bit... until I couldn't move for the weight of sweat in my pants !
Lights came on at the back of 2am, and folk started to drift away... back to the digs for us and a nice cool shower before kip... early start the morra, wanna get home before tea time!

Trip up was easy enough, again crusing at 60 , passed Wee Bob who had seized up at Scotch Corner , but after checking he'd been able to get in touch with recovery , we blasted on, strangely enough , again , not passing another scoot all the way home.
Mind you, you know it's bad when after stopping for half an hour for a Burger King at Newcastle, and you site on your scoot again and your arse is sore straight away... you know the next 60 miles is going to be tough :)

Cleethorpes is probably as far as I'd go on a single trip these days, my 40 year old arse was asking serious questions from me... 2 up for 5 1/2 hours with few stops in between... ouch.
But all-in-all , an enjoyable weekend, don't know if I'll do this one next year... for the distance covered and the hassle of the Scottish notes etc , there may well be a closer July jaunt for me (us), but still - a good weekend and plenty laughs.

As you can see... we stayed at The Kngs Royal

Ali, Wee Bob, Malice & Niffy

Gallus !

Dave "The Mod" Porter
From Scooterist Internet Radio

Imagine my annoyance when I discovered that the drinks in here were actually NOT free. I shall be writing to George Michael, and once he gets out of jail for buggery, he'll no doubt get back to me.

Bootleggers - busy , good bands - crap bar service (apart from bottle bar).

Now , I thought my Mrs was wee... but can you spot Kim ??