The VCS Cannonball 3 , September 8th, 2007

This year's Cannonball was picked to be in Dunbar again, great for me in a way as it's in my town so it's easy for me to get myself fixed up for it, but bad in that I got lumbered to set the route again, meaning I couldn't take part in the race, which then made it almost compulsory that I sort out the hotel etc etc for them as well.

Not a real problem except that there was always going to be add on tasks needing done that no-one else would do. The run will be shifted to somewhere else next year, giving another town a go and meaning I can take part as a normal VCS member.

Anyway, I was asked by the committee this year to make it at least a 3 hour course, as most people were asking last time to make it tougher - so they feel that they have achieved something. Want a touger course - ok you got it.

I had set an average time of 4 1/2 hours while working the route out, and the winner was almost spot on... but it seems he was the only one, as anyone else completing the task was out on the road for anything between 5 and 7 hours !!! Ouch !

Well , that's what you get for getting me do organise the route 2 years in a row :)

Like the previous 2 years, some of the VCS members & friends decided to come along on the Friday night for a wee friendly shin-dig. Around 50 of us had a nice informal get together, with a good few of us still supping in the bar until morning broke.... bad idea.
The plan of mine to have an early night failed big style as we walked back to my house at 6am, only for me to lie awake for an hour and a half, and get up again to get the hotel etc ready for the race. No sleep at all.

Half way through the night, Greenie arived , but was instantly disqualified from the race as Intercity 125's weren't classified for the race !

Saturday morning, and more scoots started arriving, the race start was to be from 10am to 12:30pm, and it was clear quite early on that a few of the folk that were going to race - were now not , as they had partied too hard on the Friday night too.
There was a few other club events, rallies, parties & weddings on too that night so as it turns out, the race entries were down on last year.

The race day itself went fine, although like I say quiet, but a few folk seemed to be treating the Cannonball like a normal rally, attending for the party only. So a few folk were turning up during the course of the afternoon, expecting stuff on during the day - custom show, stalls etc.

First breakdown was ... wait for it..... guess..... yip Mark ! Got out for 20 minutes then limped back in. Gear selection - a hangover from the Beer Pigs ejection stunt. No other major breakdowns, but Cindy got to the farthest away point and got a puncture. A good tuned up TS1 , but no spare. Hubby Steve headed off to collect her.

The Cannonball was set up by Greenie in 2005 to be a race type event only , but maybe it has grown into something bigger ? Or maybe it should be smaller and concentrate on the race only ? In a way , the Cannonball evening 'do can be seen as the club's annual do', and it was a poor showing this year from a few of the normaly expected clubs and characters- various reasons as mentioned before, but there were good showings from The Berwick Bulldogs, The Coyotes and a massive attendance from the Blues , a big well done to them.
How do the VCS get more folk next year... I don't know the answer to that, but with Dunbar having had it's turn, I can let the VCS committee plan for 2008.

For me personally, the night took an early blow when our babysitter called to say our wee lass was having a tough time of it, and Ali had to bail out early on during the night. That's been quite hard for us this year, as Ali has hardly been at any of this year's rallies or do's as we'd planned.

I tried my best to enjoy myself... and by midnight , I was starting to feel quite ok again :) Nowt to do with all the gin & magners mind.
The folk in the do all still seemed to be having a good time of it, with me, Bob, Colin and John calling it a night at about 2:30, leaving the hard core behind for once this year... I was knackered, and looked it too !

We got back to me gaff, and I showed Colin where all the booze was, then left the lads to it as I went to bed and crashed out immediately.

Sunday morning was a giggle as we had a head count... I got up feeling rather good after a guid sleep, found Minxxy in the kitchen browsing an Argos catalogue... Colin on a rock hard chair , using John's leather jacket as a blanket as Bob had stolen his bed/couch & duvet during the night... so, so far... Minxxy, Colin, John , Bob... then Geoff, Greenie, Anne & Mark appeared....then wee Liam.

We missed the de-brief on Sunday morning , as Bob got a puncture (and had previously gave Gary his spare, as Gary's 6 month old flat hadn't been fixed yet), so I had to nik off and put together a rim, tube & tyre for Bob and take it to him .

There was a wee feeling that there was a few problems this year, but from what I seen , everyone there had a good time. Like Al Bundy says on the Coyotes site about it... it is what you make it.

Just turning 3am, and still hard at it.

That's Greenie... still awake at 4:40 !

Steve, Cindy & oor Scotty.

Getting home at 6:30am... Saturday.

Liam did an outstanding job on the decks.

Big respect to the Blues for a brill turn-out.

Pete and dad Ian

The winner... Glen Smith.

2nd equal... Team England... Gary & Geoff.

Cindy. Received an "Out on the road the longest consolation prize"

Twins ???

Bob lights a Molotov Magners

How many laws is Stevie breaking here ??

The sexy lady at the back does it for me.