The Vespa Club of Scotland
Cannon Ball Run 2005

Organised by Greenie and the Vespa Club of Scotland, the Scottish Cannonball took place on Saturday 27th August with around 7 scooters taking part in the 'race' from Perth to Elgin/Forres in Moray.

Here's a selection of photos taken by Niffy & Gary as the meandered through the course...coming a good strong last :)

Niffy & Gary leave Dunbar for the journey to the starting point in Perth...

...but only get as far as Edinburgh Maybury... a call to the AA for help...

...then we cancel them , as Niffy rejoins the carb to cable link with the help of a pair of pliers from a passing scooterist who was out running in a new Mallosi kit.

The racers scooters before the off.

At Glenshee... no time to stop as we're in a race... oh go on then , I'll have 2 pies please.

2nd gear at times, high winds and VERY steep roads

We were told to get proof of being at Glenlivet if it was closed... I picked a flower from their display an had a rake in the bins... just beer bottle tops and sandwich cartons though.

In the Loft on Saturday night...many pints... and who's the c*** on the left ?

Gary picks up the "Furthest Travelled" award...

...but then gives it back to it's rightfull owner...Skolar... who came off into a tree while leading the race.

Niffy celebrates anything...

Greenie gets friendly with a pint.

Snail...scooter professional.

If you can make this one out - it's in a kebab shop in Forres , can't remember taking it but... there you are.

Gary , chirpy to the end...of the A9 , but that lovely giggle faded on the M90 :)

Freewheeling home.

"Are we home yet?"

The original Cannonballers... will you be in this year's photo ?