Camping at the Castle
Budle Bay , by Bamburgh June 2006

Another "local" rally for us Dunbar folks... managed to nip home early on Saturday morning - left before the guys in the yellow Rover who were providing the loud all night entertainmant called it a night (7:30am). Shower, sh1t , shave , BIG breakfast , walk the dug etc , stock up on Tennents and Buckie and back down the road in time for seeing everyone else wake up.

Any hoos , the weekend was very enjoyable - and quite well attended , espesh on the Saturday.
Was a bit cold at night, so I took it upon myself to get very drunk to stay warm...and it worked.

The live band was Setting Sons (sounds familiar) who are a Jam tribute band... they sounded very good, but wear Beatles looking - ill fitting wigs !!

The event itself is practically all outdoors, with a large marquee for the dancing/band etc ajoining toilets & showers and busy cafe. The oddest part about it is sharing everying with the regular holiday makers - strictly non-scooterist types, but even with all the racket and high-jinx there was virtually no bother.

Didn't take many photos as you can see , but got some videos... couple of good bits. Prefer taking photaes though , get back to that for Cleethorpes.

I'll definitely mark this one down for attendance for next year.