27th - 29th October 2006

2 Videos to Whet your appetite ?

Ahhhh end of season and a long trip to Brid again.

Loads of highlights, started writing a BIG review , then thought fuck it, no-one reads it apart from me and my mum (Hi Mum) I'll just mark the highlights...

  • MaDGE through to Dunbar early... but no lights.
  • Niffy, Gary & MaDGE leave about 12:45... 1st stop just outside Grantshouse, MaDGE's headset needs sellotaped up.
  • Cut through all the Tyne Tunnel traffic in good time & catch up with car with Ali, Cat & Iain in it ... Iain now driving as he had his eyes on all the Magners.
  • Stop outside Whitby, Iain & MaDGE fashion a battery powered back light and tape a pump up front one.
  • Pissin' maself at Geoff pumping like mad as we drive passed a patrol car entering Brid.
  • Check in... pints in... pubs !
  • Meet up with Nik, GYScootchick, Sanderson, Tara, Shelly & others from SBW in the Corner Bar.
  • Friday do' is heavin' Basket Case good set - entertaining as ever, good stage show... chattin with Donald & Billy (Dalkeith) and others , Lone Sharks etc. Snail... pop ! Nice. Good do' bail out about 12:30 to find chippie open and available... fail.. back to hotel... pished all the same... very pished.
  • Saturday moring... miss breakfast...into Cafe at 11:30... deeein'. Meet up with Geoff & Gary... arcades... puggies. Find Skolar again... time to get dressed up...
  • Superhero time ! What a laugh . Gary looks brill ! Drive around town on scoots with our costumes on, funniest thing I've done in years. Dump scoots... head to pubs. Get some looks , photos taken then off to do.
  • In early... 1st band ok... Glambusters on after were ok too... do seemed quiter.. nice ammount of booze for me and Ali.
  • Sunday. Make breakfast. Feel good. Even got a Sunday Mail. Journey back starts off with MaDGE's tail light falling off.
  • Get as far out as Whitby (ish) Geoff's sounds rough. Quick stop... exhaust cracked , no bolts.. dodgey as... AA time. Bye MaDGE.
  • Skolar clocks over 90mph on the Widda Maker 166.
  • Me & Gary leave Skolar to have his herbal refreshment, go through Middlesbrough - twice - then eventually onto A19. Meeting up with some Berwick lads & Stu at every fuel stop - Shep broke down earlier.
  • Getting dark , black visor up... getting cold , no jersey on, no water/windproofs... freezing... at Berwick , nearly there.
  • Home 5:30 ish.
  • Great rally. Great crack with a great bunch of folks.
  • Hail to the VCS Superheroes SC.