Bridlington National Scooter rally
October 28-30th 2005

Shit ... over 200 miles on a scooter in October... must be a goody...and it was.

A great weekend of music (some good live bands too) and boozin' !

Gary & Niffy wait patiently (for an hour and a half for the Embra Blues to get along to Dunbar, but Lammy problems delay things and no sooner do we all meet up when the two of us end up on our own after all that !
Still , we got to Briddy 2 hours before them !

Managed to get in on time to get very drunk , and even caught the most of The Jamm's show. Bloody good too.

Can't really remember this guy - but doesn't he look quite jolly... from what I can remember it was his first scooter do, and he was mental.

...ah now - this is a pair of lads we met in the kebab shop late on , on Friday night. Brummy Proclaimers if you ask me :)

12pm Saturday... on the Strongbow !
Looking for Sky Sports... and trying to copy the brummy Procs pose ?

...ah here we go - a nice big bar (Stirling Castle) with a BIG screen ... trouble is - there's a mod band in the way :)
The Influential Factor were very good actually , but when Hibs scored (twice) against Hearts - it wasn't the band making me jump about :) Sorry to the band for missing the singer off the photo... wur lad here on bass was VERY good ,and the band did the best version I've heard of Biff , Bang , Pow !

Trade stalls & custom show in the Spa Complex...Jow Pasqually is there next month you know...

"Nif...have you seen me pint mate ?"

2nd (or possibly 3rd) wind, until the body gave up on me and I flaked out ...

Niffy says this isn't him , but actually a cardboard cut out , he was at the bar or getting a pizza or both.

This is actually Rankin Roger from The Beat.

Outside The Southcliff, where the Blues guys and gals held a good do.

Time to go home...

The journey down went without a hitch , and the trip home only had a minor niggle with Gary's left hand grip falling off. While he fixed it... Niffy ponders why , when the scoots were parked next to each other over the weekend... his is covered in bird shit , and Gary's isn't touched...

...if you can't beat them...

All fixed again...until 5 minutes later , when ... Gary's left hand grip fell off again.

Wahay - off and running again...until Niffy has to stop to put on his waterproofs... bad weather forecasting there lad !

So... through the Tyne Tunnel...

...across the Border...

...and almost home !
And joined by the Blues Willie Grieve.