Bridlington National Rally October 2008



Most o' the club that were going to Brid this year were going down Saturday only in cars... in the end leaving just me & Shep to go it on scoots early Friday morning... with Pidgeon & Sam joining us for the trip.

It had been hurricane force winds on the Thursday, but by Friday they'd died doon a wee bit... still some harem scarem side winds. Shep was on his Rally , me on the GTS as I'd still not got the front wheel re-fitted to the Lammie since farting about with a poorly made front disc kit from Beedspeed (the guys at Beedspeed did try to help it must be said , but there's nowt you can do to make a wheel central if the centre line of the wheel is a further 10mm off set ! - Poor manufacturing I'm afraid).

As it turns out , when we stopped at Alnwick (ish) and answered a few texts fi Christy, I had a look at Pidg's set up - and his was much the same... and he says runs and handles fine.

Anyhoos...the journey doon was steady & smooth & uneventful until going through Middlesbrough , thankfully through the wee town centre bit and slow when in front of me , from Pidgeon's Lammie an almight metalic bang and his back end dropped.
The back shocker (a 9 year old Taffy) snapped, the top end whacking off the fuel tank. Thank fk we werny on the motorway.
He called in AA Relay , and me & The Shepster finished off the journey.

Was quite hard work through some o they side winds, and by the time we got there we were both knacked.

Still... quick wet o the hair (whits left o it) and oot for a sit doon meal... the first to eat in 7 hours. Fish & Chips & Mush peas... wi a bottle o lager. Yahoooo ! On paying , Shep got his wallet oot first and smiled to tell me he'd get this.... then looked at the boy at the til and said "It's my treat, we're celebrating today , it's oor anniversary." .... the chap said "What was that?" ... "It's oor anniversary , so am treating us to a meal." - "Oh." said the young lad... Normally I'd join in with a hoot like this but Shep took me by surprise... I tried to add "4 years today..." but started the giggles.... so I just ran oot the cafe!
Shep soon joined me , then realised he'd left his jaicket and had to go back in for it :)

Walking along the road we bump into Ramey & Cuz John so we hook up and start firing the beers in... clearing the space around us in The Greyhound wi Rameys stinkin' arse. We soon catch up with Pidgeon & Sam, and mair drink - what else.
Shep had a bit of an early night , and I wish I had an all as I can't remember much more except, I know I kicked the arse outta it until about 2:30 ish. I dinnae even ken whae I went to the do with.

I can mindy sitting chatting wi Snail , Carmen , Carol , Wee Bob & Anne.... eh... Riki, McGinn.... Scotty & Lorna of course...mind the bass was poundin' for the band... mind the Animals sitting over by the tables near the bogs...

Saturday morning came and I was rough... oh yes rough. Worst for a loooooong time. Tried to keep my chin up , and did no' bad until about 8 or 9pm when I stotted outa the pub to call it a night. Stopped in for a Subway on way back to digs , then actually started feeling ok.... (nae food all day yi see... it's no guid for eee), but by that time I was set on having at least an hours kip , so duely slept for the rest o the night.

Spewing. Not real seik , but just gutted I missed a Brid night time. Fumin' wi masel, but hey , that's the way it goes sometimes.

So as far as rally's are concerned, that's it for me for this year.
Work dictates fewer weekend closures just now, so I'll be out for the Tynsiders do near the end of Nov, and play the other do's by ear.

Ach, still cannae believe I scooted aw the way to Brid , and had an early Saturday night :( Erse.