Run to the Hills (run for your liii-i-ife)
Beer Pigs Rally , August 2007

Since Grieg was still in hospital , our bands gig for the Saturday was cancelled, so I quickly arranged to get down to Northumberland on the Saturday for a shindig with the Beer Pigs lads & lassies.

MaDGE, Gary & Mark were going to meet at my shop for me finishing at 2pm, then we'd head off together for a short - about 90 minute - journey down for a reeeet gid swally.

1:30 comes and Mark phones from his house in Fife to say his babysitter's just arrived so he'll be heading off shortly - DOH !

So we arrange to meet him at my house at 3pm. The other 3 of us get there and kick our heels about until about 4:15 when we've got the whole gang together and we're ready for the off.

A nice , pleasant drive down, and I videod (how the fick do you spell videoed?) the trip down, having the camera taped to a tent pole , facing backwards. Film looks quite good , Geoff just LOVES the camera. But it's true what they say, the camera does add 20 pounds. Any way, check back in a day or so to see the abridged version , as as it stands just now - it's 500MB in size !

So, we make slow progress down without a mis-hap until 20 miles from destination, at Wooler, when Mark decides to press the eject button on his scoot and comes off on a bend , scuttling across the wrong side of the road on his arse.
Thankfully there's nothing coming on the road and he's ok, Gary checking he still has all his limbs etc.
Scoots's fucked though, the mudguard plate on his forks is shattered, meaning his ride is now un-rideable.
So our plan is , we'd head off to the site and try to get a van back for him, so he can piss it up at the rally , and recovery it home. Kinda worked like that , except he got a taxi in instead.

So - on with the evenings festivities.

It was a lovely night, tents up , cooler off scooter full of ice cold Becks (mmmmmmmmm ice cold Becks), and a general giggle and laugh with Sparky, Stevie, Bry and a host of others as we all catch up and share recent rally stories.
Hellos and hugs also shared with Scott, Les & Shelle , Toppa and hunners of others.

Sparky has the sound system set up well in the large marquee, and it's banging, what a cracking sound.
Mental Channel No 5 were the band for the night , and they were fine, some talented lads there. Before I knew it, I'd tanned about a dozen of my bottles, and was then introduced to a cannae lad by Les from Naboombu, who gave me the powers to lose around 2 hours of time :) That's a campfire story that one... Nice.

I can vaguely remember trying to get Geoff out his kip at about 12 ish , maybe 1 ish , maybe 11 ish , who knows. And then having a natter with Shep and the East Lothian boys. Gid lads them. So by about 2am ish, I'm struggling to drink anymore so I call it a night , Mark joins me soon (but not in a gay way) as he has Skolar's room for the night.

Imagine this for this year, we get up on Sunday morning, and it's bloody gorgeous ! Sun's out , hardly any wind.... lovely jubbly.

Right that's it. Well what do you expect, we only got there after 6pm on Saturday, I got drunk. What more can I pad it out with. I'd recomend this rally though, good folks holding it , and I aint going to the Isle of White, no-sireee.

But hey kids , it's not all about boozin' !

Good mates , good laughs , crackin music and a day or so away from the 9-5.


Any way , some pics now, and the videos about Tuesday ish. Sorry Geoff & Soooz.


Link to video

Bit rough , but it's only an unedited copy just now.