Beer Pigs - Run to the Hills
25 & 26th August 2006

This one as well was classed in my book as a local run, only around 50 miles from home so the initial plan was to go Friday , back home on Saturday to work in shop etc (Busy just now) then back on Saturday afternoon. But plans don't always work out like that... a lot of different "tasks" came to a head by about Thursday night , and I was almost certain I could only do Saturday, but with a bit fannying about of my schedule & shop work, I had a working plan to do both days (so I thought).

MaDGE was going to meet us in Dunbar, us being myself Cat & Iain now , as Skolar had been Madge @ homepromoted and had to work - coupled with the fact he's blown his scooter up and Gary was in London. Just as the green lights were about to flash though... MaDGE knacks his scoot too... so the remaining 3 of us start to organise our departure.

A quick meet up at The Rossborough, then up to my house to get my bags together... now this is where it starts to go fatefully wrong for me... my bags consist of a big bag of lager, my tent & bag & waterproofs - all thrown in the back of Cat's Piaggio Golf, my season long plan to travel light had reached it's critical point... absolutely no change of clothes, no need you see if I was coming back home on the Saturday morning, and the weather looked ok (been lovely all day) so probably wouldn't need waterproofs at all , if Cat hadn't had her car , I might not have even taken them !

So we head off, saying goodbye to my cat & dog as Ali & Annie had buggered off for the day, although we did pass Ali at Spott Rd roundabout on the way out... and Cat leads me on the PX & Iain on his Dragster, within a few minutes though, the Golf is stuck in traffic , leaving us 2 wheeled gadgies to sprint off... averaging 70mph real speeds... Iain can pull off a bit more , but I decide to stick there, knowing this could go on for a while. First stop was to be Grantshouse , as I'd only half a tank, and feck knows where the next fuel up would be , so I decide to top up at everyone we can... (pay attention to that). So a quick £3 in the tank, a fag for the other 2 then we head off, with me demanding to Cat that her GPS is wrong and we should head due south now on the A6112 through Coldstream et al. Oh... that's where the rain started to spit as well.

So off we speed (well trot now as that road is shite, I should have remembered that from the trip to Kelso & back twice earlier this year) the rain now has decided that instead of spitting it would accelerate into a tide coming down, waterproofs in the back of the car... so it's (scuse the pun) a game of Cat & mouse as we try to get the Golf to stop so we can kit up for the weather... about 5 miles on Cat takes the hint and pulls over. By this time though , we're quite wet. Ah well , rain gear on and we set off again , into this great wet wilderness.

We eventually get to Wooler, which is only about 25 miles from the site, but the GPS says it will take an hour ... how come ?? Ooooo don't ask... oh , ok then... with enough B roads, gravel tracks , fast flowing fords (hah ! this is where manual clutch control pays off) to make Colin McCrae feel at home, 1 hour later we do get to site, completely soaked through, but glad to be there. We pay our fees for the weekend, and I resist the temptation to get a room in the warm looking hotel on site and we pick a spot to pitch up... after 2 or 3 cans. tents up , complete with puddles of rain inside and then off to the bar in soggy clothes, remember I have to change of gear with me, not even dry socks ! My monkey boots squelched with every step.

Still we were here , and the bar was very welcoming. We meet up with a few faces we know , and have a few games of pool, Iain showing his skills until he's beat by a wee lass that insisted on taking my shots for me (yeah - I AM that bad). At about 9pm ish we head off to the marquee to see the band - Smokes Like A Fish - and they were bloody excellent. I have a wee video to go up here soon , just as soon as I can convert Quicktime to WMVs - keep checking back. They played ska, with a line up of guitarist/singer with a classic Strummer pose (and short red mohawk), 2 lasses on Sax, trumpet , bass drummer and a wicked wee kid with massive spikey mohawk on keyboards/backing vocs. A decent set and cracking tunes - well impressed.

The night flew by with some cracking tunes that had me "dancing" away most of the time (probably just trying to dry off) , sadly the excitement was all too much for me , so I felt my way along the barbed wire fence back to my tent at around 12ish, I'm assuming I did this as my hands are all cut :) Now , my memory is of not sleeping all night due to my soggy sleeping bag and wet clothes, but I must have got a couple of solid hours, as I woke at 6am to find my scoot camouflaged, and it was parked right next to me... must have been out like a light at some point. Realising I had to work that morning, I try to stay awake so I get up for a pee just as everyone else is heading to bed for the 'night'. At around 7:45 , I feel well enough to drive so head off, scrambling passed the Beer Pigs on duty at the entrance with a wave and a "see you later" while trying to keep the scoot upright in the mud.

I decide on a better route and find a straight B road to Wooler which gave me excellent Cannonball training , hitting over 70 at times where I probably shouldn't have been, but I soon find the Berwick road, which is technically longer , but that means a straight run up the A1 when I get there, and when I do - I let rip the whole way, passing everyone on the road for the whole way up to Dunbar - I must buy Davey Louttit a pint for the tuning job. Sitting off the clock at times for good long spells , and never below 65mph genuine all the way (am I obsessed by this genuine mph thing do you think).

So I gets home , still freezing and damp from Friday afternoon, and have loooooong hot shower. Change of clothes and before I head off to work , maybe a quick 5 minutes watching Soccer AM. 4 hours later I wake up , Ali deciding to leave me as I "looked cosy". Missed my whole shift in the shop - so had to go in later to catch up - the joys of having your own business I suppose - if work needs done... it has to get done. So I do that , get home , have a spot of food (the first since Friday breakfast - no wonder I was shaking like a shitting dog) ..... and crash out again. Only to be woken by Skolar on the mobile , up at Mark's house in Fife... with Wee Bob asking me to order him a new Malossi kit to replace his broken one... so Saturday is sacked. And I change plans to have a chicken Tika Masala , and pop in to see Gary who's now back from London.... I'm such a lightweight , I know :)

Cat & Iain stay for the long haul , as you do , but the last I heard they were trying to get petrol from the Golf into the Gilera, remember when I said that I filled up everywhere to be safe... well Iain didn't , he used the time to have crisps & fags! And got on site after driving on fumes the last 15 miles :)

They've brought my tent back for me - bless them , but I think it'll be a new one for next season... as I had to cut holes in the bottom of this £35 Argos special to let the water out on Friday afternoon.

So all in all , the Friday night was excellent - a great bunch of peeps there , and from what I gather a great Saturday too. Hopefully Cat will have some photos for me - but not from her camera as I have that here... doh !

I've marked this one down as one to do next year if it's on. And who knows ... I might even do the whole weekend :)
Tara & the rest of the Club did a great job... good bands and excellent hosts.


Shit all that lot above is 1587 words (I dare you to count them) and only one paragraph about the actual rally ... I cannae have talk some shite.

Cat continues the story from Saturday morning...

"We got few hrs kip on Saturday morning, then got up bout 11am, i chucked a wobbly cos i'd no brush and bad hair nowt short of a no.1 was gonna sort it - wee Kev gave me a tin of beer to help my hair feel better, it worked too!

We entered the Dragster in the custom show - we won - who cares if it was the only one lol!! Iain did the yard of ale (it was only a half yard tho!!??!!) he did really well then puked and was beat by a large child... again, we went back to the tent mid avo for some sleep (couldn't sleep) then got up to see Harringtons for the 1st time, got pissed, met some people, hung out with some speccy wierdos (Kev & Pete) got drunk with the Lonesharks when they turned up, seen the Harringtons again (Scarlett Blue didn't show up) done wee bit of dancing, was wearing wrong shoes on Sat nite for skanking tho and then hit the hay bout 2am or so.. actually had good nites sleep, got up on Sunday to tackle the no petrol problem, borrowed some, ran out bout 10miles from petrol station in middle of nowhere luckily sat nav will take you to nearest petrol station (near wooler) we accidentally stole a petrol can, Iain gave me money I went to till and girl told me he paid for it!!?? he hadn't tho.....

Didn't make it back to Dunbar til nearly 4 despite having went the quick way home (the way i'd wanted to go in 1st place niffy!!) "