Animals Do
March 15th 2008

With tickets put aside for us by those lovely Animals (thanx Stevie) for what was a sell out night... we pottered through to an area out west I've not been at since the St Mirren v Hibs game in the 80's that exploded in casual mayhem , and a polis got bricked... ouch.

Anyhoos , into hotel (free... thanx Gary) and off to the Kelburn Bar to meet up with Scottie & Lorna... and find that the Peterhead mob are in town in force as well.. will be a fun night !

We're soon off to the do at the Abercorn Bowling Club , where the oldies are doing a grand job of keeping the hoards filled with drink.

We eventually settle down at a table with the afore mentioned 'Heed loons (oor kinda people) and set about getting merry - in every way possible.

Billy & Fiona hook in and we have a right guid laugh all night.

I even won a pair off baps in the raffle , and a snazzy (eeeeooowwww) perfume for Ali :) Thanks for the prizes guys !

I even managed to sell one of my new trainers for £1 , but was then gifted it back... a new pair of trainers...and a pound... my lucks in tonight !

Even cadged a lift back to hotel with Tam C.... guid lad.

Anyhoos ... drink drink...etc Ali throws up in the car on the way home on Sunday morning (class ) ... no sleep until Monday etc etc

Cannae beat it eh !



Oh.. by the way , we found an empty camera case on a table near us... if anyones lost one... gies a shout.