Animals fae Naboombu , 20th Anniversary Rally
Rothesay, Isle of Bute , July 2007

"The Radge Rally !"

Best let the pictures do the talking for this rally, but to summarise , feckin' brilliant weekend, well organised and EVERYONE up for a top time !

Arrived early Friday afternoon, Skolar on the back and a huge load of luggage & spares (for sale) , but the GTS got us through very quick.

Tent up (kind of) in a slightly generous wind, we thought we'd fix it on Saturday - who were we trying to kid... it did us fine, then I nipped into town for a kerry oot.

£1 a drink in the do' & marquee, then the usual all nighter.

Saturday , mair folk arrived, hit the town, straight on the nips at about 2pm then into a Karaoke bar until about 11pm ! Minxxy & Geoff are stars... me not so :) Bob did the stand up.

Gid do, brill band (Scarlet Blue), back to site for a quiet drink (so everyone thought until the sounds got plugged in again) , I managed 'til about 4:30am then called it a day... I remember the mess at Lessy.

Anyone that missed this one... shame on you, shame on you, shame on you. Ha. Gid , aufy gid.


Thanx to Mark for this one.
More to follow... mibbe