Animals Rally
Rothesay , July 2008

Photos will be on soon


I'm only 2 weeks into my 6 weeks "no scootin'" rule , brought about by my latest arm straightening op... 13 days out of 45 to be exact - no' that I'm counting... ( aye I am ! ), so I could only be at the excellent Animals rally by car. Work commitments (big hassles actually) meant that it would be a Saturday only hop as well... so me and Rodders got packed up with a spare t-shirt each and headed off to pick up some more passengers fi Turnent on the way through to the west.

The initial plan was to just stay for the day and come home, but that soon changed for many a reason, with Rodders and masel getting a bed for the night... unfortunately this meant missing a family 25th Wedding Anniversary party... but imagine having a party in scootin' season , espesh June/July 2008 when there's hardly a free weekend available. Sorry Elaine & Al.

So anyhooos, we got through to Wemyys Bay just as a ferry wiz loadin' up, after the Skolar tour of Greenock... "there's his grannies hoos , there's his old work, there's his old local...".
So parked up on the boat and a bottle of beer in the lounge... nice.

We soon touched down on Bute and we whisked along to the camp site to drop off our passengers that were camping for the night ( ha ha ha - nae cozy bed for them). Back to town and the minglin' begins for real.

It may be just us , but Rodders pointed out that it seemed a bit of a fragmented affair this year, all the usual crowd seemed split over quite a lot of the many bars that Rothesay has. We opted for the Royal where MaDGE, Minxxy, Wee Bob & Anne, Colin etc were - guess why... karaoke ! The wee bar was heavin though so after one drink we 2 popped out to find a place with spare seats for our ageing legs.
We eventually made contact wi' the rest of the club, and met up in The Grapes , which we'd just walked passed on the way to getting a wonderful steak bagquette ( I only bought mine for the doggy bag, as Dibbly was all alone back home- honest, I wiznae eatin' owt).
So we get plonked down and catch up with Dean , Bob fi Berwick & Nige... who after a trip to the states was havin trouble understandin' what I was saying... nae loss there Nige, just slaverin anyhoos.
We get the gen about the Friday night do. Turns out the scout hut was full to the rafters. Grant fi the Soul Kitchen telling me later that they couldn't possibly take any more folk.
So once Stu had cleaned up at pool again with some amazing positioning play , forcing his opponent to follow through , fnaaarrr fnaaarrrr, we moved onto another bar, then another etc.

A good fun filled afternoon, many highlights... the Mullet Trumps with special guest appearance from Shep, virtual pints, Nige still not understanding what I was saying.... I dinnae speak that fast do I ? Reckon he's at it..., a photo shoot with a very stationary Rabbie Burns...tray on the heid tamborines, until we got caught on CCTV (soon fixed that an' all). BJ doonin' a bottle of... eh a bottle of.... eh... ach just let's say it wiznae meant for drinkin' !

Caught up wi the lads from the Lowlanders SC , they're saying this years Whiskey Galore will be the last one owing to the fact that the distillery owners are chucking them off site. Shame.

So as the drinks flowed in good style , we all started (in splintered groups) to make our way along to the do.
Masel & Rodders somehow ending up with Paul, Ross & BJ fi Peterheeed, into the do and mingle, drink etc again. Scotty in a kilt looking good there Scotty boy !
Plonked down next to Minxxy , think she's still in the huff though... Didny win faf all in the raffle , but then realised , I hadnae bought a ticket. That wid explain.

Stevie Adair then announced that this would be the last Animals rally for a few years as well. Double shame !
But in saying that, it's hard to put do's or rally's on. Anyone that's done it will testify to that... anyone that's not should offer their nearest club that's having one some help.
A LOT of planning, preparation and then all the work on the weekend.
So that's 2 offa next years callendar ( I never know if I spell that right). Maybe not a bad thing as there has been loads this year already.
As a matter of interest , from about 11:30pm onwards on Saturday, the place was getting quieter. A lot of folk just back from European scooter jaunts etc... rallies on every weekend , I think maybe a lot of folk were worn out.
As I mentioned earlier , was speaking to Grant fi The Soul Kitchen on Sunday morning, and he felt that the overall feel on Saturday night was a bit lathargic. But he went on to say he was kept busy with brand new mods in brand new suits demanding The Who , The Jam etc all night, even though he knew ha had the mix right.

Me & Rodders called it a night about 12am ish (although I thought I bailed out earlier, but was corrected on that). As I was leaving Paul fi the Heeed shouted over the balcony.. "Your Mrs just told us she's gonna ravish you when you get back to the digs ... whooop whooop!"

But it turns out , that ravish meant catching the chippie before the crowds and passing out covered in a kebab's contents. That'll do me :)

So Sunday came, no-one from the Club willing to get up early so the troops... Nige , Stu, Shep & Dean on scoots , and our car load caught the 11am ferry in glorious weather... leaving the Animals sun bathing at the campsite.
Margaret looking a wee bit worse for wear... but it's the Sunday of a rally... plenty of folk like that !

What will we do this time next year ? WHo knows , but I know we'll not be stuck for choices throughout the summer.

Get some shandy doon eeeee.....

Your roving reporter...

Bob Shandy